Velez’s Luca Orellano Scouting Report

Luca Magic!!

Basic Info

Name: Luca Nicolas Orellano

DOB: 22.3.2000

Nationality: Argentinian

Club: Velez

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 66 kg

TM Value 8 Mil Euros

Role: Winger/Inside Forward

Games this Season: 49

Minutes This Season: 2600+

Luca Orellano Heatmap, via Sofascore

Luca Orellano is a hyper explosive winger, mostly used as a right sided inside forward. He likes to occupy spaces between the oppositions defense and midfield, cutting inside and causing chaos with his direct runs with the ball. He is a youth product of his current club Velez Sarsfield in Argentina. This is his first proper season as a starting caliber player for his team, after being in-between the first and reserve team last year. Orellano has a very intriguing mix of athletic gifts, especially explosiveness, agility and a powerful shot, as well as technical ability, especially as a dribbler. Lets take a deeper look at what makes him such an exciting prospect.

Defensive Contribution

Defensive Numbers per 90
Contribution compares to database

Lets start with the good. For a winger Orellano is quite active on the defensive end engaging in a lot of defensive duels. He also rarely fouls for a player with so much aggression. But on the other hand you can tell that his lack of size and strength really limit him as a defensive player. His numbers in the air are a disaster, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given his height.  His positioning in general and interceptions in particular could use a serious improvement. Currently he is a bad defensive player. But he has upside to become average at worse. When he add strength he should be better at defensive duels. With more work on his positioning, both his interceptions and areal duels could have a bump from disastrous to just bad. With his speed and work rate he should a plus defender in a pressing system for years to come.

Offensive Contribution        

What really sticks out are his incredible numbers when he has the ball in his feet. This is where the intriguing mix of athleticism and technical talent comes in. His is absolutely magnificent on the break with the ball in his feet. He is so quick and explosive, just one turn and you are 2, 3 step behind him. He doesn’t lose any of his speed with the ball in his feet. He is also a very ambitious dribbler, one of the most ambitious in my database. But he still hasn’t fully figured out when to attack and when to do something else. His dribble completion percentage of 50% is below average compared to wingers in my database. He also still doesn’t know when to just fall and get a foul, 1.7 suffered fouls per 90 is ok, but given his athleticism and technical ability it could be and probably will be a lot higher in the future.

All Quick Twitch

Orellano is already an above average crosser of the ball. One of the biggest reasons for that is the timing of his crosses, resulting in good chances created for his teammates. The completion rate of over 30% is impressive for a first year player. If he can increase the volume of his crosses and keep the completion percentage, than he could be also utilized as a left winger.

A Baller move

As a direct threat he is average, but has a lot of promise to be a better goal scorer than he currently is. Firstly, he creates shots for himself at a very high volume, 2,2 shots per 90 for a young winger is really impressive. But the issue is the precision of his shot and the locations from which he takes them. He has a very powerful shot that he still isn’t controlling as much as will be able to in the future. When you see the goals he scores, they are often jaw dropping due to the combination of striking power and technical talent. But the shots are mostly taken from outside the penalty box. He needs to work on getting closer to or in the box, timing his runs with or without the ball so he can penetrate inside the box and not just blast it from 20 or 25 yards out. That will help him increase his touches in the box and raise his xG output.

Brilliant Goal, but low xG

Passing Contribution

Orellano is already an above average passer of the ball. While he is good at helping his team progress the ball up field with passing, where he really excels as a passer is in the final third. He is a team player and likes to move into spaces where he can receive the ball and pass it forward. Every time the full back makes a aggressive run forward Luca finds him. The biggest strength of his passing game, apart from helping the team keep possession with movement and smart passes is his ability to find teammates who make runs behind the defense or have freed themselves in the box. The fact that his percentages are much higher than his attempts give me hope that he could be a top tier creative force with this sort of passes. Argentines love a player who can spot “La Pausa” and Luca is certainly such a player.

Transition playmaker

The only real flaw in his passing game are his long passes. He rarely attempts them and completes them in a below average rate. The reason why the number of attempts for passes forward and passes into the final third are so low is mostly due to playing with Thiago Almada who is used a primarily playmaker for this side.  With some improvement and experience Luca could be capable of playing the AMC role as well, the promise is there.

Potential Outcome

I think he can be a very complete Inside Forward. His lowest upside is someone like Matteo Politano, current Napoli player and formerly of Inter and Sassuolo.

A part of me thinks he can also be a player like Lucas Moura.

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