Mortal Kombat 2021

A lot of fun!

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!! Techno music blasts in the background

This is one of most fun times I had watching a movie this year. To be fair, didn’t really watch a lot, but still. Always liked the videogames, seen the first two movies. Have soft spot for the first one. The less said about the second one the better, its up there with The Room, I guess. But this movie, oh boy, was so much better than what I was expecting!

First off, from the first few scenes, where we get the backstory of Scorpion and Sub Zero, the cinematography is absolutely beautiful. The camera angles, the colors, the shifts in perspectives, just beautiful to watch, even if gallons of blood are being spilled all over the place. There are landscape shots, while our heroes are on their journey, that are jaw dropping in their beauty. Most of all the sunset shots in the desert. Even the sci and the different Realms look really good. They do a fantastic job of mixing practical with computer generated. There are a bunch of delicious fan service scenes, mostly of Fatalities. They aren’t just dropped on your out of the blue. Every fight scene, ending with a fatality or not, Is masterfully choreographed. Favorite fatality by far is the hat saw by Kung Lao.

I don’t know how much of the Scorpio Vs Sub Zero lore was already present, and move much they themselves added to the world of Mortal Kombat. But setting the movie as this centuries long feud/rivalry between two martial artists, both of whom sold their souls to gain something, really helped establish stakes and ground the setting.

While the character of Cole is a great way to give the audience who isn’t quite familiar with the games a good anchor to provide insight into this world, the performance itself by Lewis Tan is not good. There are scenes that depend on his talent to convey emotions and carry the heartbeat of the scene, but he really falls flat. There are so many wooden facial expressions and delivers from him that he really takes your of out the movie. At his worse he seems like a daytime soup opera actor on his first week on set.

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