Finding a Terance Mann in the 2021 NBA Draft Second Round

Trying to find a playoff contributor in the second round of this year’s draft.


Terance Mann was the 48 Pick in the 2019 draft. Today he scored 39 points , shooting over 75% from the field and going 7-10 from the three point line, leading the Clippers into their first ever Western Conference Finals. It is easy to quality him as the archetype  3nD player. But he is a lot more. There is a lot of energy that he brings to the team, both in transition and on the offensive glass, can defend multiple positions, attack off the catch. There are a couple of players in this year’s draft, who will probably go in the second round, who could help a playoff team, the same way Terance Mann helped the Clippers this off season.

Trey Murphy III

A Junior out of Virginia, stands at 6-9, with a reportedly 7 foot wing span. Out of the five prospects covered in this post, he is the closest one to being drafted in the first round. Unlike Mann who was barely a shooter in college, TM3 is a lights out shooter, shooting over 40% for 3 on good volume. He possesses quite the first step, which allows him to easily get to the rim out of closeouts, or cut to the rim. Shown flashes of being able to run the PnR. Has all the tools to guard 1-4 in the league. Doesn’t get much steals, rebounds or blocks tho, given his physical attributes.

Aaron Henry

A 6-6 Junior out of Michigan. Henry looks and plays a lot like Mann, but he also has a higher upside as a playmaker. Out of all the prospects on this list, he is the one who struggles the most shooting the ball, barely 30% this year. But so was Mann his senior year. NBA teams can and usually do maximize your potential as a shooter, and judging by Henry’s FTs there is still hope he could be a good spot up 3pt shooter. Like Mann he is active on the offensive glass, with 1.4 per game this year. Can push it in transition, and finishes around 60% of his transition possessions.

Terrence Shannon Jr

Sophomore out of Texas Tech, standing at 6-6 with a impressive 6-10 wing span, and great lateral agility, Shannon Jr is a prototypical 3nd Wing for the modern NBA.  Keeps improving as a shooter. Shot close to 36% from three, and his free throws for his college career are around 80%. Brilliant scorer and aggressive in transition, scoring on about 70% of his attempts. Solid activity on the offensive glass with 1 Off Reb.  Has a very good first step, that helps him get to his spots, especially when teams attack him out of spot up situations.

Kessler Edwards

Edwards is a player who has been improving by a lot every single of his college seasons. This year, his junior year at Pepperdine he scored around 17 points per game. Like Mann he is and can be very active on the offensive glass, had a season with 2.5 per game and has a 1.7 Off Reb per game average. Unlike Mann, he is a prove, lights out shooter, with funky mechanics, but the release is fast enough. He is a career 39.5% 3pt shooter. Defensively he offers a lot, guarding probably 3-4. More of a help defender than POA.  Average over a steal and a block per game in every of his 3 college seasons. Not the greatest athletes, but great timing, footwork and energy. Has shown flashes of being a reactive passer, especially out of double teams.

David Johnson

Sophomore out of Louisville, standing at 6-5 with an reportedly 6-10 wingspan. Johnson shows flashes of being able to become a lot of things. People thought he would become a proper PG this year, and when that didn’t happen, they just dropped him down their boards.  But Johnson is a elite college defender. He has successfully guarded players from 1 to 4. Took a leap as a shooter, making 39% of his 3s on a above average volume. He passes with a lot of flair, knows how to create tiny passing angles and exploit them. His PnR game has still ways to go, but if you want him to be a 3nD wing he will probably be able to do it from day 1. Very good Def Rebounder, who also gets steals.

Quentin Grimes

Grimes maybe offers the least amount of athleticism and length on this list, but he is an absolute bulldog as a POA defender. He gets into people’s shirt as the saying goes. Stronger than average, still moves well enough to contain players. Plays extremely hard, leader of the Houston team that made quite the push in this year’s tournament.  Like TM3 he is a lights out 3pt shooter. He took 15 3s per 100 possessions!!!! An average NBA Draft prospect this year takes 7. And he still finished around 40!. His feet aren’t glued to the line, but has immense range and is able to pull up from everywhere on the floor. Can handle it, and attack close outs. Can run the Pnr and has show flashes of being able to create for others. Averaged 1.6  off rebs this year as a 6-5 guard.

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