NBA Draft 2021 Jay Huff Scout Report

Good Rim Protector, improved shooter, limited athletically.

Shooting – Seems like he really took a leap as a shooter this year , from all over the floor. Takes 7 threes per 100 possessions, which is really good for a 7-1 guy, and makes them close to 39% this year. Always struggled with free throws, both in terms of getting to the line and scoring, but improved that this year. He takes close to 5 free throws per 100 possessions and makes them at a very impressive, especially for a seven footer, 84%. Takes over 3 non post up attempts at the rim and makes them at a super high 80%!! Had a very good season shooting catch and shoot, with an aFG% of 58% on 3 attempts per game.  Mostly a 3point shooter, no real midrange game.  More of a 1-2 shooter than a hop guy. Average speed on both load and release.

Post ups – An almost exclusive scorer out of the post. A few assists only, but to really wide open player and out of double teams.  Struggled on the left block, but does his thing on the right block primarily. Can use a hook shot to a solid degree and utilize a drop step. Seems like he has soft touch on his turnaround hook shots in the post. Overall FG% on post ups is an ok 50%. Turns the ball over 16% of the time. Really bad FT% for a 7-1 guy out of the post only 7%!

Cuts and Off Rebs –Solid activity without the ball, will give you 2 scoring opportunities out of these two hustle possessions each game. Excellent finisher on both, 70% on cuts and an astounding 90% on Off rebs.  Only ok on getting to the line out of these possessions with a 17% FT rate. Very good anticipating putback opportunities.

PnR Screener –Functions equally well as a pop and roll threat, and the team used him in both ways. As a pop big he registered an aFG% of 53%. Was absolutely elite at rolling to the rim, with 92%! Finishing! But only 12 possessions, or half per game.  Consistent screen setter. Splatters smaller guards. If he improved athletically he could get even better.

Defense – Solid overall rebounder for his size, but that is mostly due to the lack of offensive rebounds. 7-1 with a 7-5 wing span .His Def reb% is a very good 25% this year. He is an elite shot blocker with a career block% of 12%. Has great anticipation around the rim and regularly stuffs opponents with clean precise blocks. Advance metrics always liked him. His career DBPM is 5 and his DRtg is around 85 for his career. Below average speed and quickness. Lateral speed leaves a lot to be desired, even for a player his size. Seems glacial when rotating at times. But really plays hard on the defensive end. Lower body needs to get stronger. Solid positional rebounder, could be even better if he improved athletically. Doesn’t rush the block, doesn’t foul often. Good vertical defender.

Heaven Version

Has a higher level athletically. More mobile defender, especially in the PnR. The shot translates and is a very good stretch big. Keeps up the level of activity without the ball. Adds lower body strength and is able to get more boards on both ends. The added athleticism helps with both more blocks, dunks and rebounds. The soft turnaround hook shot gets even better.  Solid starting stretch 5 that is very good protecting the paint.

Heaven Version Stats

15-8-1 with 2 blocks and around 39% from three

Hell Version

The shot reverts back, can’t really space the floor consistently. There isn’t a higher level athletically. Can protect the rim, but gets smoked on every single PnR. Solid back up who occasionally spreads the floor or has a “block party”

Hell Version Stats

6 points 5 rebounds 1 block , shooting around 32% from three.

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