NBA Draft 2021 Sam Hauser Scout Report

Elite floor spacer, solid team defender, and little upside anywhere else.

Shooting – one of the best off ball shooters in college for years, and this season wasn’t an exception. Took a massive 12 threes per 100 possessions and made a 42% of them. Still struggles to generate free throws, with 3.7 attempts per 100 possessions. The average wing prospect in this draft takes around 6. But still makes them extra efficiently with 89.6% and he is career 88% from the line. Great catch and shoot shooter, with an aFG% of 60% on 5 attempts per game. Took 2 off the dribble shots per game and registered an aFG% of 54%! Not just a 3 point shooter, can get to his spots, both off the dribble and using screens from the midrange as well. Made a very impressive 54% of his long 2s. Doesn’t get to the basket that often, but great finishing with 67%. Struggles to attack the rim out of closeouts. On the other hand, due to his size and confidence , few aggressive closeouts really bother him. Not sure his space-awareness is top notch. His load and release time are slightly slower than what you would like them to be.

Screens and Handoffs – Very good movement/relocation shooter. Shooting of screens is a big part of his game, takes 2 shots out of screens per game and registered an aFG% of 57%.

Post ups – due to size, 6-8 can be posted up against a lot of defenders in college. He is very efficient from the post, but he isn’t one who wows you with moves or footwork. He just shoots over guys. Knows when to pick his spots and opportunities.  Posted a very impressive 63% aFG% out of the post. Rarely passes out of the post, but can find the occasional shooter when they are really wide open. His TO rate in the post is almost double (10%) what his FT rate is (6%).

Cuts  and Off Rebs – Doesn’t offer much as an offensive rebounder, less than 1 per game and he plays 34 minutes PG.  Solid activity as a cutter. One scoring opportunity per game out of cuts and he makes them at a very high 70% rate. Another encouraging fact is that he gets to the line on almost 30% of his scoring chances out of cuts.

Misc – Turns 24 in December.

Defense – Very good defensive rebounder for his size, with a very high 22% DReb percentage this year, and 19% for his career. Just 2.5% steal+block percentage, low odds of being a playmaker on defense. Physical boxing out. Very active team defender, foot moving nonstop. Average lateral movements at best. Good consistent communicator on the defensive end. Not the most flexible hips. Gets stuck on screens often. Doesn’t have the quickness to recover as soon as needed. Responsible help defender.

Heaven Version

Turns into a rotational wing, that spreads the floor , maybe shoots over smaller guys in the post and gets threes off in transition as a trailer. Solid positional defender that guards spot up shooters, but teams take advantage of him in the playoffs. Doesn’t seem to have the necessary athletic tools to become a off screen threat on the next level.

Heaven Version Stats

13-6-1, shooting above 40% from three

Hell Version

The shot doesn’t translate, more of a streaky wing who guards 4s on one end and spreads the floor semi-successfully on the offensive end.

Hell Version Stats

6 points 2 rebounds, shooting around 35% from three

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