NBA Draft 2021 Allen Flanigan Scout Report

Athletic slasher, with improved shooting and some playmaking/defensive upside.

Transition – A lot to unpack here. Flanigan is a great at rim finisher, not just in transition but overall. But he struggles with TOs and gets wild and careless in transition a lot. He finishes close to 60% at rim in transition and over 70% overall . He has a great knack for getting to the line, both in transition and half court when he drives. His FT rate in transition and overall when attacking the rim is 16%. But he is very turnover prone. As a ball handler in transition his TOs spike to a very worrying 30%. He is also very trigger happy in transition and took a lot of threes. But he really struggled making them, below 30%. 0.6 Assist to TO rate in transition. Makes quick decisions. Capable of outlet passes.

PnR Ball Handler – Impressed as a creator in the PnR, but still struggles as a scorer. Here as well, there are a lot of turnovers. When he tries to score in the PnR his TO gets close to 30% again. Likes to take off the dribble jumpers out of the PnR but still not something effective, shot a 41% aFG% on those. But he is really hard to stop when he gets a driving lane and attack the rim. A very good 62% at rim with a 40%!!! FT rate when attacking the rim out of the PnR. Showed good understanding with Roll Man, but his passes can get wild or easy to pick up. But overall close to 3 scoring opportunities created out of the PnR. Has a negative Assist to TO rate in the half court, 0.9. Can see over smaller defenders with ease and dish it to a roll man. Looks like he has an advanced handle , attack them rim with low center of gravity. Great crossover.

Shooting – Took a Herculean leap as a shooter this season. He double his attempts for 3 per 100 possessions, going from 4 to 8 and making them at a 34% rate, which is believe it or not almost 20% better than last year. An average prospect is at 7 attempts per 100 possessions, making his 8 aper 100 very impressive. Also almost doubled his FT attempts with 6.1 per 100 possessions. Improved a lot from the line as well, going from 46-78, a 32% Improvement!!! Stellar catch and shoot player this season. Registered an aFG% of 69% this year on over close to 4 attempts per game. Shooting off the dribble is still a struggle with aFG% of 38%, but he is taking close to 3 a game. No real midrange game. 99% on spot up no dribble shots. Still hasn’t figured out how to attack closeouts consistently, but if his PnR and overall rim attacking are indicators, he could become really good at it as well. Slow load and release on his off the dribble shot, very hitch like release. The same is the case with his catch and shoot shots as well, slow load and release. His elbow wavers at times.

ISOs –Impressive ISO player with low volume of under 2 possessions per game. Not just a tunnel vision scorer in the ISO, but can also create for others.  Shown promise of having multiple weapons in ISOs in the future. He can shoot over guys who aren’t set properly, but he can also blow by them and attack the rim. His off the dribble out of ISOs is still a work in progress, but looks promising. A third of his ISO possessions were passes to open teammates. His TO rate is a very low, especially for him, 8%. But he keeps his stellar FT rate of 20% in the ISO as well. Above average first step and overall quickness. Very creative around the rim. Shaky hands, trouble controlling the ball at times.

Misc – Can punish smaller guards in the post, show flashes of being able to use screens and DHOs.

Defense – good size for a combo wing guard, with 6-6. Good rebounder for size with a career reb% of 10. Not really active otherwise, only a 2.2% steal plus block rate. Good defensive stance, minus the low hands. Does a solid job mirroring his man.  Very aggressive on the glass on both ends of the floor. Boxes out regularly. Quick enough to recover on defensive lapses. But not the most flexible hips, can get stuck on screens easily.

Heaven Version

Keeps improving as a shooter and decision maker. Reduces turnovers in transition and overall. The handle is safer. Adds more strength, can guard 1-3. A secondary creator guard/wing who with the second unit, 3nD wing with the first unit, menace downhill.

Heaven Version Stats

16-5-4 with a steal and 38,39 % from three on good volume

Hell Version

The shot doesn’t materialize, remains erratic and chaotic in transition. Can only guard stationary shooters or shooting guards. End of the rotation wing.

Hell Version Stats

6-2-1 shooting below 33% from 3

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