NBA Draft 2021 David Duke Scout Report

A miscast 3nD guard who brings a lot of defense and some playmaking potential.

PnR Ball Handler – Ran a lot of PnRs this year, over 10 per game. Slightly more of a creator than scorer. On average he created 5.5 scoring opportunities for his teammates out of the PnR. Equally well adapted at finding the roll man and spot up shooters when the defense switches. Not a lot of turnovers overall in the PnR, for such a high volume that is, with 13%. Had 4.5 attempts scoring out of the PnR and really struggled, especially attacking the rim. Mostly he would attempt off the dribble shots and he was fine, registering 46% aFG%. Very poor at rim with an abysmal 15%.but on the bright side he did get fouled a third of his drives to the rim out of the PnR.  Overall around the rim he is an very bad 35%.No real in between game, nor runner or floaters.. The first step is average at best. Solid handle at best.

Transition – A very good transition player, both in terms of finishing and creation.  Overall aFG% of 66% and he also manages to get to the line 20% of the time in transition. But he gets wild at times and forces things, that why his turnover rate  as a ball handler is 22%. Likes transition, but seems in control most of the times. Knows how to manipulate an unset defense and create transition 3s by making the defense focus on him. Average athlete vertically as well. Needs to get stronger. No real physical tool that grants him advantage.

ISO  – Really struggled to score out of ISOs, doesn’t really have a go to weapon but tries different things, rare does anything work consistently. Hard to see him becoming a shot creator for himself on the next level, even if he runs the second unit. But he is very composed and can manipulate defenses to create good shots for cutters and shooters in the ISO.

Shooting – Very good 3pt percentage second year in a row. Finished the season with 39% from three with a slightly below average volume of 5 attempts per 100 possessions. Really good free throw shooter, close to 80% for the second season, but really struggles to generate FTs, with only 4 per 100 possessions.  46% aFG% on all half court jump shots. Shown interesting flashes of being able to shoot off the dribble, mostly out of the PnR. aFG% on all half court off the dribble 45%. Tried to add a midrange game, but he was very ineffective with FG% below 30%. His spot up shooting shows signs that he might be better as a secondary creator or total off ball threat. 60% aFG% on all spot up non dribble shots. Smooth, fast release on catch and shoot

Shown potential scoring on smaller guards in the post.

Defense – Very good rebounder for a guard his size, with a rebounder% of 9% this season and overall 7.7%. Solid generating steals with a steal % of 2 for his career. The tape on him defensively is really impressive. Does a great job communicating non stop. A wonderful example of how to mirror both as an on ball and off ball defender.  His hands are always up and active, and his defensive stance looks good. Does a great job anticipating when the opponent will shoot, can close out shooters well and stay with them if they decide to get fancy or attack the rim.

Heaven Version

Improves athletically, faster and stronger. Improves as a finisher and becomes acceptable at least. His shot translates. His defensive intensity and versatility are the same as in college, the added levels of strength and athleticism help him guard both guards and wings that are mostly shooters. Becomes a starting or 3rd guard who plays more off ball, but can serve as a ball handler in transition or with the second unit.

Heaven Version Stats

14-5-4 with a steal and shooting around 40% from three on average volume

Hell Version

The shot gets worse in the pros, his defensive intensity stays, but due to subpar athleticism it isn’t as effective. The lack of handle and explosiveness stops him from being any kind of creator on the next level. Struggles to finish anything around the rim.

Hell Version Stats

6-2-1 shooting below 33% from three

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