NBA Draft 2021 Justin Champagnie Scout Report

High energy big in the body of a wing, with potential as a floor spacer.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Super active without the ball on the offensive end. High motor, always lurking for a dunk, cut or offensive board. On average produces 5 scoring opportunities per game out of these hustle plays. 3 Cuts, that are mostly trying to score out of the “dunker” spot and 2 scoring opportunities out of offensive rebounds. Finishes cuts at a Ok rate of 57% and finishes off rebounds at a very good 58%. On average has a FT rate of around 15% on those types of possessions. Big, safe hands, rarely turns the ball over. Solid vertical athlete.

Shooting – Improved as a 3pt shooter and got worse as a free throw shooter. Shot a slightly below average 3 volume of 6 per 100 possessions and made 31% of them. Got to the line 6 times per game and made 71% a drop from last years 77%. Overall struggled as a shooter in the half court, with a bad 45% aFG% on all half court jump shots. One reason was his attempt to add a bit of a midrange game, but really struggled. His half court 3s bring optimism since he shot them at 34.5%. The handle is loose and he really struggles to attack aggressive close outs. Barely any attempts at the rim following a spot up situation and he finished below 50% on those few attempts that he had. The shot itself looks good. Loads quickly and releases quickly as well.  The elbow doesn’t move around. His legs can get too wide at times.

Post Ups – Very strong and long for a 6-6 wing. Mostly played the 4 in college. Very good at getting to the line out of post up with a FT rate just below 20%. A threat both when trying to score with his back to the basket and facing up. Knows how to pick his spots, and what to do against specific defenders. Prefers right block to left block. Rarely looks to pass out of the Post ups.

Transition – Struggles to finish in transition, but plays hard. Gets to the line 22% of the time in transition. Overall he Is just a measly 46% aFG% in transition. Needs to get more creative around the rim and minimize transition 3 attempts. At times exhibits good balance in contact.

Defense – exceptional rebounder for his size, 18% this year, 14% overall for his career. 6.4% steal plus block rate, has the potential to be a playmaker on the defensive end.  Very impressive wing span, but not true measurements found, estimations between 6-10 and 7 foot. But shows lower body weakness, outmuscled by Matthew Hurt a few times. (could be connected to the knee injury).  Can get caught watching the ball too often and leave his man to collect offensive rebounds. Has lapses in concentration on rotations, lack of communication as well. Jalen Johnson really roasted him on cuts and offensive rebounds. Good weak-side rim protector. Lack explosiveness to cover guards, gets blown by in PnR switches. Not the most agile. Good closing out , but can struggle against shifty players with a good or better handle.

Misc – had a serious knee injury in the off season, but still produced impressive numbers this season. Very young sophomore, turns 20 in June. Some playmaking potential out of the short roll.

Heaven Version

Improves his shot, and FTs especially. The hustle energy translates. Becomes stronger in the lower body. Learns to balance switching his attention between his man and the ball handler. More responsible defensive rebounder. Can guard wings, and most stationary shooting guards.

Heaven Version Stats

14-8-2-1-1 shooting around 35% from three

Hell Version

The shot never materializes. The level of athleticism isn’t good enough to guard most wings. Becomes a end of the bench big wing who guards off ball wings.

Hell Version Stats

4 points 3 rebounds.

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