NBA Draft 2021 Ochai Agbaji Scout Report

Good 3 and D wing prospect.

Shooting – Keeps improving as a shooter. This year his 3pt volume increased  by a lot and he took close to 12 shots per 100 possessions and made a very healthy, based on that volume, 38%.  His free throws are still a struggle, both in terms of volume generation and scoring. This season he had 4 FTs per 100 possessions and made them at 69%. Averaged 5 catch and shoot opportunities per game and registered an aFG% of 56%. Took close to 2 off the dribble shots per game and made them at a 38% aFG.  Showing flashes of a midrange game but still very inefficient. Struggles to finish around the rim when faced with hard closeouts on spot up situations. Below 50% at rim in those situations and only 52% overall around the rim. Quick release catch and shoot. More of a hitch 1-2 shot than a one motion shooter.

Transition – Excellent transition player. Gets to the line at a solid amount with 16% FT Rate. Rarely turns the ball over with only 4% TO rate overall in transition, that spikes to 15% when he plays as a ball handler. Very good finisher in transition with overall aFG% of 65%. Flashes potential of being a transition 3 threat. Good speed in transition.

PnR Ball Handler – Played 3 PnR possessions per game, scoring and creating attempts are evenly matched.  Struggled with turnovers in both cases, 16% overall TO rate. Barely any FTs out of the PnR with 4% FT rate. Struggled to get to the rim out of the PnR, barely any attempts. Settled for off the dribble jumpers, and made them at at solid aFG% of 48%. Better at finding shooters than the roll man, much more turnovers trying to connect with a big that pops or rolls. Has speed and first step to create driving lanes but not the greatest vertical athlete off the dribble, nor a creative and composed finisher around the rim. Basic high handle. Doesn’t get that low.

Screens and Hand Offs – Solid using screens, struggled in DHO. Has some potential as a on guard screen setter.

Cuts – excellent cutter, even if the on ball dominance doesn’t let him exhibit it that often. Still managed to attempt 1 cut per game and score than at a very good 70%. And he gets to the line at almost a quarter of his cuts.

Defense –Good size for a guard defender who can also guard some weaker wings. Solid rebounder for his size with a career rebound rate of 7. Doesn’t offer much in terms of blocks and steals. Great frame and seems to have a positive wingspan. Should be able to add even more muscle and defend wings. Not always engaged defensively. Tends to stare at ball handler. Lacks communication on defense. Doesn’t always realize where to stand and when to switch. Flexible and agile chasing guys around screens. More engaged as an on ball defender. Good defensive stance, bit the legs can be a bit too wide. Not the most active hands on and off the ball.

Heaven Version

The shot continues to improve. Likely won’t become an on ball threat at the next level. Raises his effort level both on defense and on offense, goes for more cuts and offensive boards. Is able to guard 1-3 on and off the ball. Solid rotational 3nD wing.

Heaven Version Stats

13-3-2 with 38% from three

Hell Version

The shot doesn’t translate. Doesn’t improve in terms of off ball intensity on both ends. Can only guard 2s and thinner 3s. End of the rotation streaky shooting wing

Hell Version Stats

5 points 1 rebound shooting around 32% from three.

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