NBA Draft 2021 JT Thor Scout Report

Raw Wing Prospect with a lot of scoring and defensive upside.

Shooting – Produced good volume on both his 3s and FTs. Took 6.5 threes per 100 possessions, which is average overall but above average for a 6-10 forward. Made 30% of his threes.  Got to the line 7.4 times per 100 possessions and made 74% which is really encouraging. Really struggled on catch and shoot situations this year. Only registered an aFG% of 33% on 2 catch and shoot attempts per game.  Only 1 off the dribble jumper per game, but really promising aFG% of 48. Most of those came after closeouts. Shown incredible potential attacking the rim out of closeouts and making 80% of his attempts at the rim out of close outs. Solid overall At Rim with just under 60%. The shooting motion looks fast and fluid, but the mechanics still have ways to go.  The elbow sticks out at times, and the arc of the ball is good but still not ideal.

Transition – Likes to play in transition, 2 scoring attempts per game out of this type of possession. Shown flashes of being unstoppable in transition. Overall 64% aFG% in transition. Still turnover prone as a ball handler in transition, with a TO Rate of 23%.  Below 1 assist to turnover rate in transition, and also overall . Likes to take 3s as the trailer.  Shown flashes of making average reads when two defenders start going towards him on the break.

Cuts and Off Rebounds – Solid activity without the ball. Averages close to both 1 scoring chance out of offensive rebounds and out of cuts. Still struggles a bit to finish cuts, with 44%, but he also has a very impressive 24% FT rate out of those possessions. No problem finishing offensive rebounds with 80%+ FG and gets to the line over 35% of the time.

Roll Man – Projects as someone who could easily be above average as both a Roll and Pop threat. But really struggled to shoot as a Pop threat, scoring under 25% aFG%. Much better finishing as a roll man with 67% efficiency. Really likes to slip the pick, scoring over 70% of those types of possessions.

Defense – Has the body and athleticism of a modern NBA wing/big hybrid defender. Ok rebounder so far for his size with a 12% rebounder rate. Good steal and block rate with 2% and 5% respectively. Could turn into a switchable defender, who guards multiple positions and is an above average off ball defender as well. Ok defensive stance when switching on smaller players, his legs tend to be too wide. Solid mobility both laterally and horizontally. Needs to get a stronger to be better on box-outs. Isaiah Jackson, himself not a thick center, pushed him around with ease on a couple of rebounds. Solid anticipation around the rim.

Heaven Version

Adds strength and power, especially lower body. Becomes an even better rebounder. The shot and basketball IQ improve. Doesn’t decline athletically when he adds weight. Turns into a modern NBA wing that can guard multiple positions , protect the rim and stretch the floor well.

Heaven Version Stats

18-8-2 with a steal and 1.5 blocks per game, shooting around 38% from three

Hell Version

The shot doesn’t fall. Isn’t able to add enough strength to be effective on the boards in the NBA. Athleticism doesn’t translate as well.

Hell Version Stats

5-3 shooting below 30% from three.

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