NBA Draft 2021 Ethan Thompson Scout Report

Combo guard with shooting and defensive issues.

Shooting  – Really dropped off efficiency wise this year. 5% worse overall. Made 33% of his threes this year on a sligthy above average volume of almost 8 per 100 possessions. Great at getting to the line this year, with almost 10 FT per 100 possessions. Makes a very good 81% of them. Really struggled in half court, as a shooter this year. Only 45% aFG% on catch and shoots. Serious drop off as an off the dribble shooter. Last year he was trending towards an aFG% of 50% as a off the dribble shooter, but this year he is  just below 35%. I blame the team more than I blame him. His load was too great this year, little help in terms of creation and scoring from the others on his team. Only 28% on half court 3s. More of a “1-2” shooter than a hop guy. The load and release times are good, doesn’t take too much, but also not the quickest.

PnR Ball Handler – Even distribution of possessions in terms of creating for himself and for others in the PnR.  Decreased his turnovers as a scorer in the PnR. His best weapon out of the PnR is his ability to get to the rim. Very good finisher with 61% , but excellent at getting to the line with a FT rate of 37%. Had a very bad year shooting off the dribble and the PnR isn’t an exception, only 35% aFG%. Overall a slightly bad 18% TO rate as a PnR scorer. Can create for both the shooters and the Roll man. Three created team scoring opportunities out of the PnR per game this year. Solid overall half court assist to TO rate of 1.4 Very low center of gravity on drives. Solid handle. Utilizes stop and go motions well to create for himself and others. Capable of making basic reads but doesn’t wow with his vision.

Transition – Probably the best part of his game. Good at both finish at the rim and shooting 3s in transition. Can still get pretty wild as a ball handler in transition, with a TO rate of 20%. Overall aFG% in transition is 67%. Good assist to turnover rate of 2. More of a smart/crafty transition player than explosive.  Average top speed for a player his size at best. Bad core strength, loses balance in contact easily. Most of his FTs are predicated on how the refs call the game, if they are more contact-friendly he won’t get to the line that much.

ISOs – Abysmal scoring season as an ISO scorer. The load was great than last year, but still that doesn’t excuse a 15% FG%.  If he could revert to last year’s numbers he would be a more interesting prospect. That would help his creation and defense manipulation, since he has shown flashes of being able to create out of the ISO.

Defense– Solid rebounder for his size, with a 7% career rebound%.  Ok at getting steals, but not much of a playmaker on the defensive end. Struggles with the defensive stance. Lateral speed is average at best. Very lackluster on the defensive end. More focused on the ball handler than his man. Bad anticipation on the defensive glass, rebounds happen around him and not for him. Below average hip flexibility, gets stuck on screens more often than not.

Heaven Version

Improves as a shooter and decision maker. Becomes more positionally aware on the defensive end. Improve core strength and flexibility.  Turns into a solid back up combo guard, who plays as an off ball threat and doesn’t hurt the team as a off ball defender. His offensive output comes as a transition and catch and shoot player, with a bit of PnR creation with the second unit.

Heaven Version Stats

12-3-3, shooting around 39% from three

Hell Version

The shot remains the same. A Negative as a defender. End of the rotation/ garbage time guard.

Hell Version Stats

5-1-1, shooting below 32%

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