NBA Draft 2021 DJ Stewart (Duke) Scout Report

Shifty, undersized guard who brings on ball defensive intensity with scoring upside.

Shooting – Took a very large volume of threes this season with 10 per 100 possessions. Only made 34% of them tho. But if he were to scale down the volume and improve his shot selection he could easily end up a 40% three point shooter for stretches of his professional career. Struggled getting to the line, and for a player of his athleticism that could be a really big red flag. Only 4 attempts per 100 possessions, bu makes his free throws at a 81% rate. Didn’t impress as a catch and shoot target with 4 attempts per game and an aFG% of 43%. Was slightly better of the dribble. Two attempts per game and an aFG% of 45%. Flashes the ability to create a shot for himself all over the floor. Has a makings of a midrange game, but his shots aren’t falling yet. Struggles against aggressive close outs, but also prefers to take an off the dribble shot, than to attack the rim. Only 43% on drives to the rim out of Spot up situations. But overall, 59% in the half court on attempts at the rim. Quick release on his shot. His shot is not the most fluid, more of a hitch motion that something totally fluid or one motion. Elbow tends to go out. But the arc of the shot looks good on most attempts, doesn’t look flat that often.

Transition – Likes to play fast and push the ball in transition. Can get wild at times which his 24% To rate as a ball handler in transition clearly shows. Solid at getting to the line with a 10% FT rate in transition. Shows promise of being able to hit transition 3s regularly. Overall a great finisher in transition with an registered aFG% of 70%. Had an acceptable 1.4 assist to turnover rate in transition. Reads the floor well in transition.

PnR Ball Handler – Struggled to score out of the PnR and struggled not turning the ball over. Overall 44% aFG% as a scorer in the PnR, but shown some really encouraging signs of being able to get to spots off the dribble, especially from 3. He registered an aFG% of 55% on off the dribble shots out of the PnR. But he struggles to finish in traffic and over size. Only 43% at rim out of the PnR. Good and willing passer out of the PnR, especially when finding the roll man. Overall 1.2 assist to turnover rate in half court. Solid first step, but doesn’t know how to find driving lanes out of the PnR and Closeouts, settles for mid range off the dribble jumpers instead.

Defense – Only 6-2, but solid rebounder for his size with a 7.5% rebounder rate. Very good hands, has a good steal % of 2 and an really great block percentage of 2% , especially for a player of his size. Moves well, has active hands.  Serpent like agility to slide between his hand and the screen. Mirror his defender well, always in an excellent defensive stance.  Struggles keeping bigger guards from the offensive glass, not a lot of strength nor weight there.  Does a good job closing out shooters and bothering them, even at his size.

Heaven Version

The shot improves. Adds weight, strength and power. Learns to attack the rim more effectively. Improves shot selection. The defensive intensity translates.

Heaven Version Stats

15-4-5 with a steal and shooting around 40% from three on good volume

Hell Version

The shot doesn’t fall. The playmaking doesn’t materialize. Decreases the defensive intensity. End of the bench guard.

Hell Version Stats

5-1-1 shooting below 33% from three

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