NBA Draft 2021 Neemias Queta Scout Report

A dominant defensive force with a lot of potential as a passer.

Post Ups – Was a post up machine in college. Took more than 10 post ups per game. Only an Ok efficiency as a scorer in the post, with 50% FG%. Struggles with double teams, when his TO rate spikes over 20%.  Has a wide variety of post moves, from a good hook shot, up and unders, drop steps etc. Improved as a passer out of the post this year. Creates close to 4 scoring opportunities for his teammates out of the post. Can find both shooters and cutters with ease. Had a 5 games with 5 or more assists this year. Neutral assist to turnover ratio in the half court. Finished the season averaging 3 assists. Gets to the line 18% rate. In general, gets to the line 9 times, which is really impressive, and shoots his FTs at a decent rate of 70%. Improved his FTs each year. Went from 55% to around 70% this year. Very Composed in double teams. Constantly scans the floor for cutters or the open shooter. Some of his passes do lack speed or precision and get pick off by active defenders.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Solid activity without the ball. Generates 2 scoring opportunity from cuts and finishes them at a solid rate of 59%. Much better finishing his scoring chances out of the Off Rebs with 69% . Gets to the line around 15% out of both of those possessions.

PnR Roll Man – Threat as both a big rolling to the rim and popping for 2. A solid 44% on Pick and pop jump shots. His mechanics look good. Has a very high release. Not the most fluid shooting motion, but it has a rhythm.  Great finishing at the rim when rolling to the rim with 70% FG%. 

Transition  – Excellent finisher in transition, with usually 1 possession in transition per game. Overall 70%+ as a finisher in transition.

Defense – A very good rebounder, with a 19% rebound rate this year, and a 18% rate for his career. Absolutely elite shot blocker this year with a block% of 13%. Career block% of 11%. A steal rate of 2% which is really impressive for a big. Great size with 7 foot, and a solid wing span of 7-4. Great at boxing out. Uses his body well to create positions around the rim, to secure a rebound. Good anticipation around the rim, very precise with his blocks. Not the greatest athlete vertically, but more impressive on the run. Good defensive stance, active hands when switched onto guards, doesn’t panic.

Heaven Version

Keeps improving as a shooter, extends range to 3pt and his FTs get over 75%. His defensive ability transitions to the NBA. His effort is consistent.

Heaven Version Stats

15-11-4 with a steal and 2.5 blocks per game, and shooting 35% for 3 on low volume

Hell Version

Not as dominant defensively as he was in college. The shot doesn’t materialize, worse decision maker than in college.

Hell Version Stats

8-8-2 with with 0.5 steals and 1.5 blocks, non shooter.

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