My Roommate is a Cat

A Heartwarming tale of two suffering souls building a home together.

The anime My Roommate is a Cat follows a socially awkward and anxious writer named Subaru, whose life becomes richer and richer as he finds and takes in a cat which he eventually names Haru.

Subaru is a mystery writer, mostly published in weekly and monthly magazines. But he hates people and social events in general. When we first meet him, he has just lost his two parents in a traffic accident. He feels lost, desolated, and guilty, even if he still isn’t totally aware of all those feeling yet. During the course of the show, these feelings come to light, as he discovers why his parents; and his mother especially; made him go with them on all those vacations and excursions. Spoiler alert, its quite heartbreaking.

Meeting the cat that he will eventually name Haru is the fork in the road moment of his life. Bit by bit he will open up and meet new people. Opening up might not be the best description hehe. He is forced, due to the fact that he now lives with Haru to go and do stuff he isn’t used to. Bit by bit he conquers his social anxiety. The culmination is a public event which he attends towards the end of the show, something that leaves his editor speechless.

The cat Haru, much like Subaru has been through a lot. Ever since her parents passed she had ot take care of four of her younger siblings. Eventually some of them find new homes and Haru gets to have a heartwarming reunion with them. Shes very protective of her siblings and that instinct to protect and feed is eventually transferred onto Subaru, in hilarious sequences.

Simply put, this anime is a wholesome story about two beings , who have been through a lot, both suffering from different kinds of anxiety, and yet they manage to create a safe, loving home for each other.

One of the funniest parts of the show is that towards the end of each episode it switches its POV from Subaru to Haru. Seeing the world through Haru’s eyes is always hilarious, frantic and really different. You might truly think that this is how a cat sees the world. The conversations between all the animals, especially at the Vet were a fun mixture of cute and funny.

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