NBA Draft 2021 Sandro Mamukelashvili Scout Report

Interesting offensive potentital, but how far can his effort and shot take him.

Shooting – Shown flashes of being able to stretch the floor. Took 7 threes per 100 possessions which is average volume in this draft class. Made them at an acceptable rate for a big, 33%. His free throws have risen this year, to 71% and he takes a slightly above average amount of 8 per 100 possessions. Solid shooting off the catch, with around 4 shots per game and an aFG% of 56%. Was trying to add off the dribble shooting, but he really struggled. He attempted over 1 off the dribble jumper per game this year but only made a abysmal 22% of them. No real midrange game, so he is either a threat from 3 or around the rim.

Post ups – Really struggled to score out of the post. He had over 3 attempts per game to score out of the post but only managed to register an aFG% of 33%! Very turnover prone in the post, with a TO Rate of 22%. Only good side is that he gets to the line on a regular amount with 20% FT rate. Shown a lot of ability to create for his team out of the post. Average 2 created scoring chances out of the post per game. Excellent spotting cutters, solid finding shooters. Not a lot of lower body power and strength when posting up.

Transition – Really likes to be a transition ball handler following a defensive rebound, but really struggles. The main reason are his turnovers with are a horrific 40% as a transition ball handler. His finishing in transition isn’t very impressive, only an aFG% of 53% as a transition finisher. But still had a positive, barely, assist to turnover rate with 1.1. Solid top speed for his size and weight. Ok Vertical athlete in transition.

PnRs – Around 3 possessions per game in the PnR, 2 as a roll man and one as a Ball Handler. Primarily a pick and pop threat in the PnR. Registered an acceptable aFG% of 50% out of pick and pop shots. Very impressive slipping the pick and registered a impressive aFG% of 81% on such possessions. Really impressed as a ball handler in the PnR. He can go the rim at will and scored on 80% of his attempts at the rim out of the PnR as a ball handler. Also shown interesting flashes of being able to find shooters or the roll man. Averaged over 3 assists per game this season, with a Assist to Turnover rate of 1. Looks very comfortable as half court ball handler, especially in the PnR.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Not the most active without the ball. Creates around 2.5 scoring chances out of cuts and offensive rebounds. But only an average finisher with an aFG% of 52%. Mostly not interested in going for offensive rebounds, just stares at the ball, not running back, nor attempting to get an off rebound.

Defense –Only an ok rebounder for his size. Has a rebound percentage of 12.4 and 13 for his career, which really isn’t something for a player close to 7 foot. Doesn’t offer much in terms of steals and blocks. His DBPM and Drtg aren’t much better than those of his teammates.  Doesn’t really stand in the defensive stance. His hands are usually inactive. Shown good footwork and mobility when switching. At times more interested in what the ball handler does, and gives up offensive rebounds. Shifty players who can stop and go can really leave him out of position. Doesn’t offer much as a help defender.

Heaven Version

His effort without the ball increases. Becomes more responsible on the defensive and offensive glass. Gets stronger, especially in the lower body. The shot and decision making keep improving. Becomes a versatile  offensive hub power forward, who can playmake, stretch the floor and switch on D.

Heaven Version Stats

14-6-4 with around 35% from three on good volume

Hell Version

The shot reverts, isn’t able to find another level athletically. Effort continues to come and go. End of the bench big who can get hot occasionally.

Hell Version Stats

5 points 3 rebounds, shooting below 30% from three

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