NBA Draft 2021 Taevion Kinsey Scout Report

Athletic guard with solid upside as a shooter defender and ball handler.

PnR Ball Handler – Good size for a potential point guard and lead ball handler at 6-5. Doesn’t turn the ball over all that much. His TOs dropped from last year. Overall assist to TO ratio this year is 1.5, solid mark. Played a lot of PnRs this season close to 9 per game. Can score and create at an similar rate. Only an ok scorer in the PnR. He can ge to his spots off the dribble, but the shot is still not there, only 38% aFG% as a off the dribble shooter in the PnR. Solid at getting to the rim but a below average finisher with just a 50% FG% at rim out of the PnR. Gets to the line a fair amout, 10% out of the PnR. Creates 4 scoring opportunities for his teammates out of the PnR this year. His first step isn’t elite, and combined with his lack of strength, hinders him from creating separation out of the PnR.

Transition – Has an incredible 2% TO rate in transition.  Excellent finisher in transition with over 70% aFG%. Gets to the line out of transition 14% of the times, a solid mark. Good top speed in transition, good leaper when he has an open lane. Can finish in creative fashion.

Shooting – Took a massive leap as a shooter this year. Both his 3s and his FTs improved over 10% this year. But the downside is, he isn’t generating a lot of volume on both of those. Takes only 3 three pointers per 100 possessions, which is more than half of what the average prospect in my database takes. But he makes over 40% of them. He is better at getting to the line with 6.5 FT attempts per 100 possessions, which is just slightly below average. But he does makes a very good 81% of them. Very good in catch and shoot situations, registered an aFG% of 61%, while taking a bit over 2 per game. Solid off the dribble but still not really reliable. Takes around 3 off the dribble jumpers per game , but only registered an aFG% of 40%. Has a developed midrange game and his long twos were around 48% this year on a solid volume of close to  2 per game. If he can turn those long 2s into 3s… His mechanics still are not very fluid and the shot could be faster.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Very active as an off ball guard, doesn’t just stay in the corner and wait for a three. Gets you a solid 3.5 scoring chances out of hustle possessions per game. He creates 2 cuts and makes them at a very good 67%. And out of his off reb scoring chances, 1.5 per game, he makes an OK 57%. Very good vertical athlete, with solid anticipation, helps him get off boards.

Defense –Very good rebounder for a 6-5 guard this year, with a 9% rebound percentage. Doesn’t really get steals and blocks. Not the best defensive stance. Active feet and communicates well. Hands always up. Pays attention to his man on the Def Boards, boxes out. Not much of a help defender. Stays too close to his man. Needs to learn to balance his focus between his man and the ball handler.

Heaven Version

Keeps adding volume to his 3pt shot, adds strength. Improves his handle, and gets more creative finishing around the rim. Solid combo guard

Heaven Version Stats

14-5-4 with 38% from three on ok volume

Hell Version

The shot reverts back. Just a solid energy defender at the end of a bench, who occasionally hits a couple of 3s in a row and runs hard in transition.

Hell Version Stats

5 points 2 rebound, shooting around 32% from three

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