NBA Draft 2021 Santi Aldama Scout Report

Unique prospect, lost between being a big and a wing.

Shooting – Took a massive step forward this year as a shooter. His three when from being under 25% to 37% this year. His volume is a bit below average with 5.8 attempts per 100 possessions. . Likewise his free throws saw a great boosts from the abysmal below 55% last year to a decent, but still poor 56% this year. Gets to the line at an above average amount with 8.4 attempts per 100 possessions. Impressed as a catch and shoot player this year, took close to 6 catch and shoot shots and registered an aFG% of 58%. Shot more than 1 off the dribble attempt per game, and registered a solid 41% aFG%. Was excellent around the basket on non post ups, with over 5 attempts per game and finishing at a 66% rate.  Good footwork help him attack close outs and score around the rim. Can get creative around the rim after attacking a closeout.

Post Ups – Hectic post up player. Doesn’t have the buildt or power of a post up bully, but his tall enough to work smaller defenders.  Has a variety of moves in the post, but can also shoot over guys or just blow by them. Much more likely to look for his shot than to force a double team and just pass out to a shooter or cutter. But very good post up scorer with close 3 attempts per game and 54% aFG%.Not very turnover prone 1on1, but struggles under the pressure of double teams. Was brilliant at getting to the line with a 30% FT rate. But that could also be a factor of his previous and at times still current FT struggles. Shaky in contact.

Transition – Had a habit of pushing in transition after a defensive rebound. But he lacks the ball handling, decision making and athleticism to pull it off consistently and effectively. Overall 21% TO rate in transition, and barely a 53% FG%.  Overall 1.1assist to TO rate in transition.

PnR Ball Handler – Loyola tried to play him as a primary ball handler, even in some PnRs. And it produced mixed results. Doesn’t have the ball handling and experience to do it right, so he turned the ball over 1 out of 4 times in the PnR. Shown promises as a scorer in the PnR, especially getting to the rim or shooting off the dribble. But his passing leaves a lot to be desired. The precision and timing are off. Rarely did he produce quality looks for his teammates.  Overall 0.6 TO rate in the Half Court.

Cuts and off Rebounds – Solid off the ball hustler. Produces over 2 successful cuts per game and 1.5 scoring chances out of Offensive rebounds. Finished both very well, scored on 67% of his cuts and 80% on his off rebounds.

Defense. You are hoping to turning him into an OK Power Forward defender, and someone who can bother shooters on close outs.. Solid rebounder for his size with a rebound rate of 17% this year. Solid shot blocker with a block % of 5.6 , a slight drop-off from last year. Solid speed for a player his size. Question how much muscle he can put on and still keep his mobility. Bad first step, even guards in his division blow by him with ease. Poor lateral quickness. Isn’t prone to closing out. Thinks his size and length are enough to grab rebounds. Struggles communicating on defense.  Can get lost on D by watching the ball handler too long.

Heaven Version

Keeps improving as a shooter, ball handler and decision maker. Adds weight, but remains agile.Starts to play defense more responsibly.

Heaven Version Stats

13-5-2 with a block and shooting 36% from three

Hell Version

Too frail and unathletic for the NBA. The shot is even worse than it was in his freshman college season. Turns into a garbage time stretch big/big wing.

Hell Version Stats

4 points 2 rebounds, with below 30% from three.

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