NBA Draft 2021 Julian Champagnie Scout Report

A very talented wing scorer with good defensive upside as well.

Shooting – Leveled up as a shooter significantly this year. Rare to find a 6-8, 220 wing who shows so much promise as a stationary and off the dribble shooter.  Took a very high volume of 3s this year , 10 per 100 possessions and made 38% of them. Gets to the line 8 times per 100 possessions, which is slightly above average in my draft database. Elite free throw shooter with 88%, an 13% improvement from last year. Very good season scoring off the catch, with 5 attempts per game and an aFG% of 57%. Improved shooting off the dribble. It is still not stellar, but very encouraging signs for a player that will turn 20 in June. Took 2 off the dribble shots per game and made them at an aFG% rate of 44%. Very fluid shooting off the dribble. Seems like he’s always in control. Hurts defense with step backs and turn around fade-aways.  Gets to the basket 4 times a game, finishes ok with 54% aFG%.  Shown flashes of developing a usable midrange game, still inefficient with 37% on long 2 attempts.  Creating a shot for himself out of hard closeouts was his best weapon last year. Registered an aFG% of 60! Very adept at getting to the rim or the line out of spot up situations.

Transition – Seems like an average athlete in terms of top speed, explosiveness and vertically. Solid finisher in transition who can also become a pull up 3 threat. Struggled as a ball handler mightily, and isn’t comfortable pushing the ball after a defensive rebound. Quite turnover prone in general with a TO rate in transition that is around 15%.  Gets to the line a great amount with 18% FT rate. But only an ok finisher overall with just under 55% aFG%. Shown flashes of finding cutters. Negative assist to turnover ratio in transition, 0.7.

Screens and Hand Offs – Struggles to get to his shots out of screens. Played a lot of possessions as a off screen threat but failed to impress. On more than 2 possessions per game her scored on only 31% of them. On the other hand, dribble hand offs allow him to get the ball where he likes and in motion, which helps him score with ease.

Misc– Doesn’t create much, but has shown flashes of being able to spot shooters and cutters out of double teams. 

Cuts and Off Rebs – not as active as his brother in these hustle possessions, but still a very good threat. Creates 1.5 scoring chances as a cutter. Scored on 60% of them and goes to the line 18% of the time. Both impressive marks. Creates one scoring chance per game out of offensive rebounds, but struggles scoring on them more than out of cuts, size and traffic around the rim are an issue. His FG% on off rebounds is a poor 45%. But gets to the line at 18% of them.

Defense – Projects as someone who could guard every type of forward. Has the size, solid enough athleticism and strength to guard both 3s and 4s. Seems to have a solid wingspan. Good rebounder for his size, with 12% rebound percentage. Very active team defender, has a steal % of 2.5 and block % of 3.5. Both his Drtg and his DBPM indicate that he should be a plus defender going forward.

Heaven Version

Becomes an elite catch and shoot and pick and pop threat. A very good off the dribble scorer. Improves his handle to the degree that he can run PnRs. Able to guard both wing positions. Gets better at finishing at the rim.

Heaven Version Stats

20-8-4, 1.5 steals and 1 block, with 41%+, from 3 on high volume

Hell Version

Only the shot translates, can guard bigger wings, but not the more athletic ones. Becomes a solid 3 and D tweener wing.

Hell Version Stats

10-5-1 shooting 35% from three

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