NBA Draft 2021 Caleb Love Scout Report

Shifty, aggressive guard with intriguing scoring and playmaking upside

Transition – He was a top 15 high school player coming into this college season, but he struggled scoring from all over the floor. Transition isn’t an exception. Very turnover prone, in transition and other wise. Had a 20% TO rate in transition this season. Struggled to finish, both at the rim or pulling up for 2 or 3.  Only barely over 40% on his aFG%. He likes to push it in transition, but rarely does anything good come out of it. Only 1 to 1 assist to turnover ratio in transition. Good vision, even in transition.

PnR Ball Handler – More of a scorer than  a creator in the Pnr. But again really struggled to score out of the PnR. His overall aFG% in the PnR as a scorer is 33%, very poor. His turnovers do drop to 15% from the 20%+ that they were in transition. He can get to the rim but was abysmal finishing around it. He likes to shoot runners and floaters, but scored only on 21% of them. He isn’t a lot better at the rim , with just 36%, and his FT rate doesn’t instill confidence with 8%.  One this that did spark some positive was his off the dribble shooting out of the PnR. That mark is close to 40% aFG%, which isn’t superb, but miles better than his other PnR weapons. Not the most composed decision maker in the PnR. Turns over 1 out of 10 passes in the PnR. But he is a lot better creating than scoring in the PnR, creating 2 scoring opportunities for his teammates out of the PnR. Equally adept at spotting shooters and cutters, knows how to set up a rolling big. Very shifty with the ball in his hands, agile enough to create passing lanes out of double teams. Makes quick decisions with the ball. Finds teammates in opposite side corners with ease.

Shooting – Had a horrible season shooting the ball. Shot a high volume of 3s , almost 9 per 100 possessions, but only made 26.6% of them. His free throws give hope that he has potential to be a much better shooter than he was in his freshman year in college. He makes 80% of his free throws, and gets to the line 5.5 times per 100 possessions, a solid mark, but slightly below average. His catch and shoots shots weren’t going in, and he registered an aFG% of 34.5%. The same is true for his off the dribble shooting in general, which is just 2% better than his catch and shoot shots. Can create a shot for himself from 3 or from 2, but sadly they don’t go in. Has a very quick release.

Defense – Only 5% rebound percentage, really for for a 6-4 guard, something that is average for a 6 foot point guard in general. Didn’t post any impressive advances stats, his Drtg is average and his DBPM is 1.5. His steal percentage does instill hope that he could be a threat in passing lanes. Aggressive and focused 1on1 defender. Likes to get into opponents shirts. Does a good job staying in front of his man, as well as denying him a easy way to receive a pass. The level of aggressiveness can lead to created cutting lanes for the opposition.

Heaven Version

The shots start to fall, continues to improve as a passer and ball handler. Learns to control his speed in transition. Learns to control his aggressiveness defensively.

Heaven Version Stats

16-4-5 with 1.5 steals per game and shooting 37,38% from three on good volume

Hell Version

Gets a little bit better at everything but doesn’t leave a mark in the league. End of the bench guard who plays garbage time only.

Hell Version Stats

3-1-1 shooting below 33% from 3

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