NBA Draft 2021 Matthew Mayer Scout Report

One of the funkiest wing prospects in this years draft.

Shooting – Really likes to late it fly, takes 9.3 three per 100 possessions and makes 39.5% of them. Doesn’t really get to the line all that much with 4.2 FTs per 100 possessions. Also struggles to make them. Below 60% on FTs this year and under 70% for his career. Turns 22 this year. Excelled in catch and shoot situations, registering a aFG% of 62%. Surprisingly good shooting off the dribble,  had an aFG% on those attempts of 47%.  Overall 41% on half court 3s. Struggles to get to the basket and finish out of spot up situations.  Only 47 at the rim out of spot ups, and rarely draws fouls.

Transition – Likes to push it in transition, but struggles. In general, below average in transition, barely 50% at the rim, when he isn’t the ball handler in transition. Can hit the occasional transition 3,but that is more the exception that the rule. Solid getting the line in transition with 20%, but that could also be due to teams knowing his free throw woes. Solid speed.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Very active without the ball, especially we you factor in his lack of minutes. Tries to get stuff done whenever his on the floor. Average close to 2 cuts plus off reb scoring opportunities per game, but only played 16 minute per game. Excels in finishing both, especially cuts which are a stellar 82%.

PnR Ball Handler – Impressive scorer in the PnR, and also shown flashes of being able to create. At his size, that is really a unique feature. Overall scored an aFG% of 61%. Really impressive the way he creates off the dribble shot opprotunites for himself. But also shown flashes of being able to find driving lane out of the PnR and finish at the rim. Has a knack for finding the roll man. Impressive combination of handle and size.

Defense – Has been posting some impressive defensive number for 2 years now.  His Drtg is 88 this year and his DBPM is 4.2, both are elite for wings. Incredible rebounding the ball this year with 14% rebound rate, which is starting center territory. Impressive steal percentage of 4 this year. Doesn’t offer much as a shot blocker. Bad defensive stance off the ball, slouched shoulder, doesn’t move a lot. Communicates well.  Solid lateral movement, but his hands aren’t always active. Struggles against quick guards, especially when they come full speed at him.

Heaven Version

The shot continues to improve. He can take guys off the dribble, free throws get above 70%. Can serve as a creator with the second unit. Can guard wings, adds muscle and athleticism.

Heaven Version Stats

14-7-3 with 1.5 steals and shooting just below 40% for 3

Hell Version

End of the bench wing that brings some creation and streaky shooting.

Hell Version Stats

4-2 shooting around 33% from three

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