NBA Draft 2021 David Johnson Scout Report

A multi-positional defender with interesting playmaking and shooting upside.

PnR Ball handler – Ran a lot of PnRs this season, but didn’t really impress nor take the playmaking leap people where expecting or hoping he would make. Equally looks to score and create out of the PnR. Really struggled to score, or get to the line out of the PnR. Just 34% aFG% on off the dribble shots out of the PnR.  Just 47% at the rim out of the PnR, and his FT rate is a poor 5%.  Also his overall turnover rate as a scorer in the PnR is 24%. Has great size for a lead ball handler and good vision combined with it. Created 4 scoring opportunities per game for his team out of the PnR. Seems to be most comfortable setting up a roll man. Good at finding open shooters. Loose handle. Bad overall halfcourt assist to turnover rate with 0.8.

Shooting –  Improved as a shooter this year. Took 7.5 three pointers per 100 possessions and made almost 39% of them. His Fts also improved, for 60 to 70% this year. But he struggled to get to the line, only taking 3.6 FTs per 100 possessions. Was lights out shooting out of catch and shoot situations.  Took 2 such shots per game and registered a elite 71% aFG%. Most of these came out of spot up situations, where he scored 75% aFG% on spot up non dribble shots. Has the first step to attack closeouts easily but gets flustered by a packed paint. On the other hand, really struggled to shoot of the dribble, took 3 per game and only registered a very depressing 22% aFG%. Good speed on shot release.

Transition – for a player of his size and athleticism, he is bad in transition. One of his biggest issues are turnovers. His turnover rate in transition as a ball handler is almost 25%. Its not much better with his overall TO rate in transition which is just below 18%. Rarely gets to the line with a 7% FT rate. And he is only a ok finisher in transition with an aFG% of 54%. Shown flashes of being able to make full court outlet passes. His assist to turnover rate in trasition is a very good 1.8

Defense – Has all the tools to be a very good if not great guard defender. 6-5, his wingspan is close to 6-10. Could even guard some wings. But he wasn’t as impressive defending this year has he was last year. All his defensive metrics went down a big notch. His Drt was 5 points worse, he DBPM went from 3.3 to 1.9. But he is a really impressive rebounder for his size with a rebounder rate of 9.3 . Solid footwork, can keep up with very fast, small guards. The defensive stance comes and goes. Focused when his man gets the ball, hands up stance active, feet move well and non-stop. More interested in getting the def rebound than where his man goes. Good communication on switches. Solid lower body strength, not a pushover when defending in the post.

Heaven Version

Improves as a playmaker, the shot continues to get better, learns to draw fouls. The defensive ability translates. Guards 1-3, maybe some shooting 4s as well.

Heaven Version Stats

15-6-5 with a steal and shooting 38% from three

Hell Version

The shot and confidence are really shaky, ball handling doesn’t improve, the speed of the game at the next level is too fast for him. Becomes a good defender off the bench, who plays more when his shot falls.

Hell Version Stats

4-2-1 shooting below 30% from three.

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