NBA Draft 2021 Mac McClung Scout Report

Potentialy microwave scorer off the bench, with little defensive impact.

PnR Ball Handler – More of a scorer than a creator. Four attempts to score out of the PnR per game. Solid scoring off the dribble with around 40% efficiency. Can get to the rim out of the PnR with ease. Solid finish around the rim with 50%. One of his biggest assets out of the PnR is drawing fouls. His overall FT rate as as scorer in the PnR is 18%, but that balloons to close to 30% when he is around the rim. Solid creator out of the PnR, with 2.5 scoring attempts created for his teammates out of the PnR. His size and lengths do cause issues when he is paired next to a taller defender. But overall his turnover rate is an acceptable 14%. Equally good at creating for the roll man, or finding shooters and cutters. His assist to turnover ratio is half court is only 1.1

Shooting – Improved shooting the 3 for the third year straight.  Shot 34% on close to 10 attempts per 100 possessions., an 3% improvement from last year. Great at getting to the line with 9.2 attempts per 100 possessions. Very good FT shooter with a career 80% , which has stagnated his whole career. Solid catch and shoot finisher, registered an aFG% of 52%. Really likes to shoot off the dribble, but still isn’t great at it. Took 4 off the dribble shots per game this year and registered an AFG% of 39.4%. He was 6% better shooting off the dribble out of spot up situations, but didn’t really get to the rim out of hard closeouts. Floaters aren’t really a part of his game, so he avoid finishing in traffic, especially if a big is around the rim. Good mechanics, solid speed on release.

ISOs – Impressed as an ISO scorer this year. Knows how to get to his spots and how to draw fouls. Overall his aFG% on off the dribble opportunities in the ISO was 46%. Acceptable turnover rate with 11%. Great at getting to the line with a 20% FT rate in ISOs. Still much more comfortable creating for himself than for others. But has shown flashes of being able to find shooters and cutters out of ISOs when the defense commits to him.

Transition – Really loves fast pace transition play. Excels in transition, best part of his game by far. Can score at the rim with ease, or get to the line. Improved as a transition 3 threat.  Overall a very impressive aFG% of 76% in transition.

Screens and Hand Offs – Not really his biggest forte offensively but can use them if needs be. Not static off the ball, knows how to get open via screens, but some of his shot selection, as in general as well, is questionable. Over 40% on both of these types of possessions.

Defense – Has the size and length of a traditional point guard, doesn’t offer much defensively. Show some promise reading the game last year at Georgetown, but that didn’t translate to this year. Moves well and tries hard, even tries to contest opponents at the rim. Fearless on both ends of the floor.

Heaven Version

A shorter Jordan Clarkson

Heaven Version Stats

15-3-3 shooting over 35% from three

Hell Version

The shot is very shaky, a microwave scorer that rarely turns it really on. End of the bench guard who gets hot in garbage time every once in a while

Hell Version Stats


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