NBA Draft 2021 Isaiah Livers Scout Report

One of the safest 3nD prospects in the draft.

Shooting – One of the best pure shooters in the draft, especially on the wing position.  Took close to 10 threes per 100 possessions and made a very impressive 43% of them. Very impressive from the line as well with 87% but struggles to get to the line, with only 4.3 attempts per 100 possessions.  Impressed as a catch and shoot scorer. Took more than 4 shots of that type and registed an aFG% of 63%. Didn’t take the leap shooting off the dribble that some expected he would make.  Only 32% on those types of shots. Shown flashes of shot creation for himself in the midrange. While he is great shooting from spot ups, he really struggles to get to the rim after a hard closeout.  Only 0.42 points per possession when attacking the rim out of closeouts. Fluid mechanics, very quick release. A lot of splash on his shots.

Transition – Superb transition player. Can get to the rim with ease, but also a very capable transition 3 threat. Can get a def rebound and act as a transition ball handler. Assist to turnover rate in transition is 1.3. Rarely turns the ball over. Overall aFG% in transition is a very impressive 75%.

PnR Ball Handler – Played a lot more point this season, and it’s a tale of two extremes. Lets start with the bad, he really struggled to score out of the PnR. He struggled to create off the dribble for himself. Also really bad finisher at the rim. Overall below 30% scoring in the PnR. Just ok turnover rate of 15%. Very good playmaker. Has size and IQ to see over the defense and find open teammates for 3s or cutters. But also produced a lot more turnovers this way, over 25% TO rate when passing out of the PnR.

Screens and Handoffs. – Not just someone who stands in the corner. Very well versed at using screens and running off of them endlessly. Over 70% aFG% on both of these types of possessions.

Defense – Very good defender in college his whole career. A prototypical 3nD wing based on physical tools. Very good rebounder for his size 6-7. Had a very impressive 11% rebound rate this year, over all in college 9%. Doesn’t offer much in terms of steals and blocks.  Very good footwork. Always in stance, hands ready to contest shot. Communicates well, switches well. Very aggressive boxing out. Constantly moving, always shifting so he can pay attention to both the ball handler and his man. Wiggly can fight over screens. Good speed to recover to his man. Has the footwork and agility to stay with smaller ball handlers.

Heaven Version

His stationary shooting translates. Improves his handle and decision making, which leads to more FTs and Assists. Becomes more confident , shoots more 3s. Is able to guard 2-4.

Heaven Version Stats

14-6-3- shooting 40%+ from three on high volume

Hell Version

The shot is fine but not what it was in college. His effort comes and goes. Becomes a solid off the bench wing that offers defensive intensity and streaky shooting.

Hell Version Stats

5-3-1 shooting 35% from three

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