NBA Draft 2021 Luka Garza Scout Report

A Dinosaur…

Post ups  – Best post up player in college. Had 10 scoring post up possessions per game and scored on 55% of them. Got to the line very frequently with a 24% FT rate.  Very skilled and versatile in the post. Can shot over guys, can get to the rim or score on hook shots.  Very rarely does he turn the ball over, his turnover rate in post ups is a impressive 7.8%. Created a lot out of the post for teammates this season, over 3 scoring chances per game. Mostly out of double teams to open shooters. Can find cutters but still struggles to notice them in time and his passing to a moving teammate isn’t as precise as when finding a stationary target. Struggles to get separation against guys of his size and strength.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Very active on the glass, both offensively and defensively.  Hustles without the ball. Averages 2.5 scoring chances out of Off rebounds and 1.5 out of cuts. Brilliant finisher at both, with over 70% efficiency. Equally great at drawing contact and getting to the line, over all 20% FT rate in those types of possessions.

PnR Roll Man – Primarily a pick and pop big. Took 2 shots as a pick and pop big per game last season and shot the ball very impressively. His aFG% on pick and pop attempts is a very high 65.5%. Can roll to the rim as well, but has to pick his spots. High IQ helps him realize when to roll and when to pop. Takes care of the ball in half court. His assist to turnover ratio in the half court is 1.2

Shooting – Impressive volume on FTs and solid volume shooting the 3. He attempts close to 12 FTs per 100 possessions, but only makes 70% of them. Which is a 5 % improvement from last year. Shot the 3 very well this year, 44% on close to 6 attempts per 100 possessions.  Very impressive on catch and shoot plays. Registered a aFG% of  62% while taking close to 4 per game. Shown some flashes of shooting off the dribble.  Doesn’t really have a midrange game. His long 2s are below 40%. Quite turnover prone when attacking closeouts, with 14% turnover rate.

Defense – Bad athlete, which limits his defensive upside quite a bit. Lack of explosiveness, lack of even an average top speed. Narrow shoulders. Doesn’t jump high either. Solid rebounder for his size, with a rebound % of 15% for his career. Good shot blocker, career 5% block rate. Both his Drtg and DBPM have been bad on the college level.  Always goes under screens when the team switches, but rarely does anything to defer the ball handler from attacking the rim or finding a big for a easy attempt at the rim. Prone to giving up good positions in the post. Lack of lower-body strength as well. You are always a man down with him in transition. Offers little in terms of verticality around the rim.

Heaven Version

His shot translates and becomes more than just a post up player. Keeps improving as a passer. Gets in top athletic condition. Improves as a rebounder and shot blocker.   Turns into a Pick and Pop Kanter with a bit of passing, but less rebounds

Heaven Version Stats

14-8-3 with a block per game shooting around 35% from 3

Hell Version

The shot isn’t good enough for the NBA. Lack of athleticism hinders him going to the rim, or drawing fouls. Craters your defense every time he gets in the game. Turns into a garbage time big man

Hell Version Stats

4 points 2 rebounds

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