NBA Draft 2021 Herb Jones Scout Report

Defensive wiz wing with playmaking potential but just how far will his shot take him?

Transition – Good transition playmaker even if he is quite turnover prone. His turnovers are a huge issue, not just in transition but overall in his game. Loses almost 1 out of 4 possessions in transition because of turnovers. Not the best finisher in transition, especially for a wing of his size. Below 50% aFG% overall in transition. Very good at getting to the line in transition with a 20% FT rate. Great acceleration in transition, with and without the ball. Loose handle, the ball gets really high. Doesn’t really get in a stance.

Shooting – Keeps slowly improving. Was a horrible shooter his first few years, barely making 50% of his FTs. Improved his FT to 71% this season. Gets to the line in an above average rate with almost 8 attempts per 100 possessions. Shot a decent 35% from three this year. Volume was quite low, just a bit over 3 attempts per 100 possessions, and an average prospect will take 7. Impressed as an off the dribble shooter this year. Didn’t take too many shots, but scored a very impressive 56% aFG%. Solid on catch and shoot shots with a aFG% of 51%. No midrange game, doesn’t even take 2s. Solid spot up threat with an aFG% of 50%. Really struggled to finish at the rim after attacking aggressive closeouts. He does get fouled but, 35% finishing around the rim after attacking a close out on a spot up is really bad. As are his turnovers which are close to 15% in these types of possessions. His mechanics aren’t totally fluid. He form needs work, his elbow tends to stick out.

PnR ball Handler – Much more of a creator for others than scorer in the PnR, and for good reason. He was horrible scoring out of the PnR. Doesn’t know how to create shots for himself. So he always tries to attack the rim. But really struggled. He score only a abysmal 30% at the rim out of the PnR. He also turned the ball over 20% in the process. A lot better creating, especially finding open shooters. Created 2 scoring opportunities out of the PnR for his teammates and his turnover rate slimmed down to a good 10%. His overall assist to turnover rate in the half court is a decent 1.1. Possesses above average vision. Some of his touch passes are jaw dropping. 

ISOs – Scoring and creating out of ISOs was probably his best asset in college. Most of his ISOs , he gets by guys and either finishes well around the rim or finds an open teammate for a 3. He also shown flashes of taking off the dribble 3s. His aFG% in ISOS was a very impressive 54%. Another encounraing sign is the decrease of his TO, which are only (for him) around 15%. Spots cutters well, had a few nice alley oop passes. Good court mapping.

Cuts and Off Rebs  – Creates a lot of scoring opportunities via Cuts and Off rebs for himself, close to 3 per game. Solid finisher in both categories, above 60%. Crafty, gets to the line a lot out of those possessions, especially out of Off Rebs, with a 30% FT rate.

Defense –Really impressed defensibly this year. Both his Drtg of 90 and his DBPM of 5 are very impressive. A very good rebound % of 12.3, especially for a wing. Equally impressive steal and block rates of 3.4 and 4% respectively.  Does a good job boxing out. The defensive stance comes and goes. Communicates well, and switches well. Has the quickness, agility and footwork to stay with guards. Good help side defender and rim protector.

Heaven Version

If his shots becomes usable, his handle and decision making improve, his defensively versatility and effort translate he could become a very impressive offensive hub of a wing and multidimensional defender.

Heaven Version Stats

15-8-5 with a steal and block per game, shooting 36% from three on OK volume

Hell Version

The shot doesn’t improve, nor does his decision making, becomes just a solid wing defender who can offer some passing in transition or in stationary situations.

Hell Version Stats

5-3-2 while shooting below 30% from three.

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