NBA Draft 2021 Johnny Juzang Scout Report

A Elite Shotmaker, but very limited defensive upside.

Shooting – Improved as a shooter this year overall, but also most importantly shooting the 3. Last year he was under 33% this year he is 35% overall. His volume is really impressive with 11 attempts per 100 possessions. Elite free throw shooter with 88%, a 5% raise from last year. But he doesn’t get to the line all that much with only 4.6 FT attempts per 100 possessions. Fluid shooting form and quick release. Has all the makings of a career 40%+ three point shooter. Shoot a very good 54% aFG% on catch and shoot opportunities. And his half court 3 is 2% better than his overall percentage. Great in the midrange, Shooting over 50% on four 2pt jump shots per game.

PnR Ball Handler – Good PnR shot creator for himself. Improved as a creator for others. It is really easy for him to create space and get to his spot out of the PnR. Shot a very impressive aFG% of 61% on off the dribble shots out of the PnR. Doesn’t turn the ball over that much in the PnR, only 10% overall turnover rate. Created 1.5 scoring chances per game for others, or 33% of his PnR impact. Composed decision maker. Doesn’t get to the line a lot out of the Pnr, only a 7% FT rate. A solid 1.2 assist to turnover rate in the half court.

Screens and Handoffs –A bit over 2 attemps per game out of these types of possessions.  Good percentage, over 50%, also took a lot of difficult shots.

ISOs – One of the best ISO scorers in college last year, in terms of efficiency and volume. Doesn’t really look to pass. Almost score only in ISOs. Very composed in ISOS, knows what to do. Only a 7% TO rate, 0% in single coverage. Shot an aFG% of 52% this season. Can shot over smaller defenders, or defenders who give him enough daylight. Equally great at creating shots or driving opportunites for himself off the dribble.  Has range. Defenders don’t know how to deal with low center of gravity when he starts to create off the dribble.

Transition – a Very good Finisher in Transition, but quite the poor ball handler. Very high turnover rate in transition, close to 30%. A serious transition 3 threat. Overall over 60% aFG% finishing in transition when he isn’t the ball handler. 0.6 assist to turnover rate in transition.

Defense – Doesn’t project as an impact defender. Slender, wingspan doesn’t seem that impressive. Defensive metrics seem him as a passable college defender. Solid rebounder for a 6-6 guard, with 8% rebound rate this year. Doesn’t offer much in terms of steals and blocks. Struggles to navigate around screens on defense. Doesn’t follow his man properly, allows lanes for cuts. Not the fastest, struggles to keep up with more athletic guards or shifty ball handlers.  In and out of his defensive stance. Very poor lateral movement.

Heaven Version

The scoring translates, improves handle . Better in transition, especially as a ball handler.  Keepy improving as a PnR creator, gets better at attacking the rim.               

Heaven Version Stats

18-5-3 shooting over 40% from three, elite overall shot-maker

Hell Version

The shot making translates, barely, but nothing else works on the next level. Craters your team defensively. Inconsistant microwave scorer off the bench.

Hell Version Stats

8 points 2 rebounds shooting 35% from 3.

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