NBA Draft 2021 Trendon Watford Scout Report

Wing with great offensive, but minimal defensive upside.

Transition – Its been an up and down season for him in transition. He has been trying to add things to his game, especially as a ball handler. Struggled to push it in transition as a ball handler. Also took too many transition threes and that is not his game currently and might never be, but on that front later. Over all 20% Turnover rate in transition. Solid at getting to the line and great finishing with over 70% at rim when he isn’t the ball handler in transition. Poor 1 to 1 assist to turnover rate in transition.

Post Ups – Improved and impressed in the post. Solid scorer in the post and still looks more to score than to create. Shooting around 45% on post ups. Great at getting to the line out of the post with a FT rate of 24%. Shown flashes of being composed in double teams and the ability to read the floor well. Averaged 1 created scoring opportunity out of the Post up per game this season.  Not the most skilled post player in terms of skill and footwork, more reliant on athleticism to get to the basket. Gets by weaker players with ease. Solid balance in contact.

Shooting – Didn’t improve in a lot of shooting categories. His free throws are still below 70%. Great at getting to the line at almost 9 attempts per 100 possessions, but needs to improve shooting them. His three improved, but barely, from 29% to 31.5%. Took a very low volume of 3 per 100 possessions, (an average prospect will take around 7). But there are some signs that he might improve as a shooter going forward. One of those are his catch and shoot shots. He really impressed in those situations.  Registered an impressive 62% aFG% on those type of shots.  His half court three is 5% better, 36.6%. Struggles in the midrange. Struggles to get to the rim out of spot up situations, with below 50% finishing at the rim, but gets fouled often. Also had a solid year on spot up shooting situations with 58% aFG%. Has a good runner and floater game as well.

ISOs – Passable ISO scorer in college. Shown some flashes of the ability to create for others out of the ISO, but much more of a scorer currently.  Loves to try and shoot floaters or attack the rim out of the ISO. Can’t really create shot for himself. Bigger, stronger and faster than most of the guys who guard him, gets by them and to the rim well.

Cuts and OFF Rebs – Average 1 scoring opportunity in both of those categories per game. Great at finishing both with around 65%. Also knows how to get to the line out of these situations, with an FT rate of above 15%.

PnR – As a 6-9 240 wing you would think he played a lot of possessions as a roll man, but that wasn’t the case. He was more active as a PnR ball handler,with over 1 possession per game. Really thrived, barely turned the ball over with 6% turnover rate. Got to the rim with ease out of the PnR and scored both with floaters or finishing at the basket with layups and dunks. Shown some really promising marks as a creator, a third of his PnR possessions ended up as scoring chances for his teammates. Solid assist to turnover ratio in the half court with 1.3. Played around 0.6 PnR roll man possessions per game this year. They tried to use him as  Pick and Pop threat but he shot below 35% on those attempts. But can attack off the dribble or roll to the rim at a decent amount.

Defense –A good rebounder for his size, career rebound% is 12. Doesn’t offer much in terms of rim protection, nor shot blocking in general with a block % of under 3. Both his Drtg and DBPM are projecting him as a below average college defender. Not the fastest when it comes to running back on D. Bites on the occasional pump fake. Likewise, at times lets his team played 4 on 5 until he tumbles himself to half court. Very questionable motor. Can be to focused on the ball and allow his man to get good position down low, either in the post or in a Off Rebound opportunity. Not much of a help defender. Lets his man roam around, bad doubling in the post.

Heaven Version

Improves his free throws and his shot. Gets in better shape, cares more on the defensive end. Better individual and team defender. Continues to improve as a playmaker. Turns into a versatile offensive power forward, that doesn’t hurt your defense.

Heaven Version Stats

18 8 4 shooting around 36% for three on slightly below average volume

Hell Version

Remains a decent rebounder who goes by weaker or slower guys. The shot isn’t good enough to be used in the Pros. Effort comes and goes, craters your defense. Garbage time big.

Hell Version Stats

5 points 3 rebounds non shooter.

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