NBA Draft 2021 Kessler Edwards Scout Report

A Archetypal Modern NBA 4.

Shooting – Improved as a shooter for the 3rd consecutive year. His free throws are now almost 88%, he was under 70% as a freshman. Gets to the line 6 times per 100 possessions, a good mark. His three was a bit worse this year, but the fact that his free throws are elite this year shows that he will be a great shooter on the next level. Still his shot 38% on 7 attempts per 100 possessions, a great mark for a 6-8 wing, especially when you consider how much his FTs improved this year. Close to 40% on Catch and Shoot opportunities. His off the dribble shot has still miles to go, but based on the other mentioned factors he could become decent at it, last year he was only 32% aFG% on his off the dribble jumpers. But flashed some interesting midrange game, especially hitting long 2s off the dribble. Shot 39% on spot up 3s. Knows how to attack close outs effectively. While he can’t create off the dribble when attacking a close out, he is great finishing at the rim or scoring with a floater or runner. Over 50% on floaters and 71% finishing at the rim out of spot ups. Gets fouled often as well. Jumps high when shooting, unique feature, that helps him score over both smaller defenders but defenders of his size. Form is fluid, release quick.

Post Ups – Impressed as a post up threat this year, more of a scorer but could be a good creator in a few years.  Has a killer drop step from the left block, 67% efficiency. Overall  55% FG% out of Post ups. Gets to the line at a great rate of close to 20%. Created one scoring chance for his teammates out of the Post Up per game. The precision of the passes and the decision-making still aren’t totally there. Turned the ball over close to 20% on those types of possessions. But flashed some above average vision out of double teams. Good first step helps him get by guys. Stronger than he looks, Good balance in contact. Can find shooters out of double teams.

Transition – Athletic, long. Runs hard. Great finisher in transition, with close to 70% aFG%. Shown flashes of making transition 3s. Gets fouled 14% of his transition possessions. Doesn’t turn it over in transition, close to 10% Turnover rate.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Generates close to 2 cuts per game and 1 offensive rebound. Very active without the ball. Excellent finisher in both of those hustle categories, scoring over 70% on both.

PnR – Played a few possessions, as both the ball handler and the roll man. Close to 2 possessions per game as a roll man. Used primarily as a pick and pop big, who spots up for 3. Amazing efficiency on pick and pop shooting, close to 80% aFG%!!! Played under 20 possessions as a PnR Ball Handler but really impressed. His off the dribble shooting took a huge boost from the usual 30% and jumped to 47%. And got to the rim and finished as well. Turned the ball over less than in Post ups, and shown flashes of being able to maybe become a secondary creator a few years down the line.  Flashed some advance court vision in noticing lanes for cutters .

Defense – Has all the tools to become a modern NBA 4. 6-8, Very good vertical athlete, mobile, can switch onto smaller guys.  Great rebounder with 12% rebounder percentage for his college career, also a great shot blocker with a career block percentage of almost 5%. Bot Drtg and DBPM see him as a positive defender. Active, composed on the defensive end. Always in the stance, hands up. Equally focused on his man and what the ball handler does. Good Help Side defender.

Heaven Version

The shot and scoring versatility  translate. Improves as a ball handler, and decision maker. Is able to defended 2-4.  High end role player in the NBA, one of the best stretch 4s.

Heaven Version Stats

18-8-3 1 steal,  1.5 blocks and 40%+ from three on good volume

Hell Version

The shot reverts, the playmaking doesn’t improve, Can’t handle with the difference in speed of the game and athleticism. Becomes a solid back up stretch big that gives you some shooting and defensive intensity

Hell Version Stats

7 points 4 rebounds, shooting 36% from three

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