NBA Draft 2021 Trey Murphy III Scout Report

Lights out wing shooter, with interesting defensive and scoring upside.

Shooting – Was a definition of a lights out stationary shooter last season. Took close to 7 3s per 100 possession which is a good volume and made a very impressive 43% of them. Got to the line only 3.6 times per 100 possessions but made them at a stellar 93% rate. His FT% has increased by 10% every single of his 3 college seasons, and the 3 has followed that development as well. Should be a career 40%+ 3pt shooter, and for a guy who is 6-8/6-9 that is really rare. Lights out on catch and shoot opportunities with a aFG% of 64%. Didn’t shoot all that much off the dribble, but was solid with an aFG% of 41%. Doesn’t have much of a midrange game or off the dribble game either. Still a pure 3pt shooter. Shot 44% from three on spot up situations, hard to close out with his size and length.

Cuts and Off Rebounds – More active cutter than offensive rebounder. But due to his size can finish with ease. Average one successful cut per game and made over 80% of them . Uses fakes to create lines for cut. Good vertical athlete.

Transition –   Smart and aggressive in transition. Turnover rate is only 5%. Knows how to draw fouls, FT rate is a stellar 30%. Can pull up for 3 on the break. In total had an aFG% of 79% in transition. 3 assist to turnover ratio in transition. Overall had a 1.2 assist to turnover ratio.

ISOs – His ball handling has still levels to improve, and that showed most of all in ISOs. Still not comfortable exploiting mismatches in ISOs, turned the ball over 20% of his ISO possessions. But still managed to score with super effective 60+ aFG%.  Will shoot and score any time you ISO him against a smaller defender. Showed a lot of flashes of being able to create for others out of ISOs, finding both cutters and spot up shooters. Knows how to pump fake and create better shooting opportunities for himself.

Defense – Didn’t really impressed defensively this season, but wasn’t bad either. More of a much more of a 3 than 3nD player currently but has interesting tools that could help him become a usable defender. Seems like a good 1 on 1 defender, and great at closing out on shooters. But struggles with team defense. Most of the time only pays attention to his man, and doesn’t offer much in terms of help defense. For a player his size he doesn’t offer much in terms of rebounding, even if he played a lot of the 4 at Virginia, only 7.6 rebound%. Better at getting steals than blocks but doesn’t really do much of the either. Shown flashes of being able to guard smaller ball handlers, both in ISOs and in the PnR. Solid speed, good footwork, hands up, rarely fouls.

Heaven Version

Improves his handle and his off the dribble shooting. Adds strengths, get to the line more, gets more rebounds on both ends, leading to more easy buckets and transition points. The 3 translated and becomes a career 40%+ 3pt shooter on above average volume. Can create a bit in transition and for the second unit. Becomes better team defender, learns to switch and communicate better.

Heaven Version Stats

16-6-4 shooting 42%+ for 3 on above average volume

Hell Version

Becomes just a solid shooter off the bench but nothing else. Can get hot on the occasion, have some playoff moments hitting a bunch of 3s in a row.

Hell Version Stats

3 points 1 rebound, 37% from three

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