NBA Draft 2021 Ron Harper Jr Scout Report

Promising defender, but just how far can his shot take him?

Shooting – Shot a slightly disappointing  32% from three this year, but on a very high volume of 9 threes per 100 possessions. Very good at getting to the line at 6 attempts per 100 possessions, and converting her FTs with around 80% accuracy. Very good at catch and shoot situations this year. Managed to register an aFG% of 56%. But really struggled to create off the dribble for himself and had a measly aFG% of 31% this year.  Has an impressive mid range game, shot 58% of his long 2s. Brilliant at attacking close outs out of spot up situations. Does it successfully close to once a game. Finishing a stellar 70% at the rim in these situations and draws fouls at an impressive 27% rate. Shooting mechanics aren’t the most stable. Still prone to shooting a flat jumper of free throw.

Transition – Good and aggressive in transition. His handle, vision and composure still aren’t where they should be in transition. Can struggle as a ball handler in transition, mainly due to turnovers and taking transition 3s which still aren’t his forte. Isn’t

PnR Ball Handler – hasn’t run a lot of pnRs this season, but showed immense promise and skill, both as a scorer and a creator in this sort of play. One of his biggest strengths in the pick and roll is his care of the ball. Rarely does he commit a turnover and has a very impressive turnover rate of 6.9%. Still more of a scorer, but getting better as a playmaker.  Even safer with the ball when he tries to score, has an turnover rate of just 5.7% as a PnR scorer. Both his off the dribble shooting and attacking the rim are good, but not elite or great. But he excels at getting to the line with a almost 14% FT rate in the PnR as a scorer. Looks composed in he pnr. Uses his size well to see over smaller defenders. Has a feel for when to stop and when to go, unsettling the defense that way. Has some roll man potential with his size and strength.

ISO – Didn’t take the scoring leap that some have hoped he would. Struggled to create shots for himself in ISOs, but also took a lot of shots with less than 4 seconds left on the clock. Solid ballhandling ability and first step. Can be indecisive after creating lanes and shooting opportunities. Rarely uses his left hand to finish. Relies more on strength than speed to get by his man. Really good at shooting over smaller defenders in ISO situations.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Very active without the ball. Generates both a cut and a offensive rebound per game, which is really good for a 6-6 guard. Scores around 70% of his cuts and slightly below 60% when trying to convert his offensive rebounds

Defense – Has great size and lenght to become an elite defender, like his dad was. 6-6 with close to a 7 foot wingspan, according to some sources, couldn’t find an official measurement.  Impressed as a defender his first two years, slipped a bit his year, probably due to the demands of a bigger offensive load. Really good rebounder for a guard with over 10% rebound rate for a second year in a row.  Gets both steals and blocks.  Very good at closeouts. The combination of length and size really bothers shooters.  Never stops moving on defense, constantly on his toes, mirroring the movements of his man.  Communicates well on switches and in transition.  Can get lost on screen, doesn’t have the foot speed to recover in time.

Heaven Version of Ron Harper jr

Improves his 3 and ball handling. Better decision maker in transition. Gets to a higher level athletically. Becomes a 3nD wing with a bit of creation in the PnR

Heaven Version Stats

15-7-3 with both a steal and block per game, shooting 38% from three

Hell Version of Ron Harper Jr

End of the rotation wing who brings defensive solidity and occasional 3pter.

Hell Version Stats

4 points 2 rebounds, shooting below 30% from three.

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