NBA Draft 2021 Jahvon Quinerly Scout Report

Lightning quick guard, but will his size, shot and age hinder teams from giving him a chance?

PnR Ball Handler –Capable passer and scorer, with turnover issues. Created close to 5 scoring chances out of the PnR per game last year. Great at finding shooters and cutters, a bit more issues combining with his roll man. Uses speed and agility to create passing lanes. Bad turnover rate when he tries to score out of the PnR with 20%. Solid getting to the line with 10% FT rate. Very good creating dribble jumpers for himself out of the PnR , also made close to 50% aFG% of them. Struggles to finish around the rim, lack of size and strength hinders his play in traffic. Hard to stop when he finds a line in the PnR, very quick. Can finish with both hands. Doesn’t get a lot of lift when he jumps, combined with lack of long arms makes him a easy block target. Best when running a High PnR. Really slim and frail for a guard that will turn 23 this year. Just an OK assist to turnover ratio of 1.2 in half court.

Transition – Good finisher in transition, both when attacking the rim or taking transition 3s. but really struggled no turning the ball over. Super fast in the open court, needs a step or two to get to his max pace. As a ball handler in transition is TO rate was 32% which is really concerning.  But in general, a very good 1.9 assist to turnover ratio in transition.

Shooting – Impressed shooting the 3 this year. Took almost 9 per 100 possessions and made a stunning 43% of them. The free throws are a bit concerning and give the case that this shooting season was a fluke. He made only 68% of his free throws, while taking 5 per 100 possessions, slightly below average. Took close to 2 catch and shoots per game, and made them at a super efficient 67% aFG%. Almost as good off the dribble, with 64% aFG%, on equal volume. Overall, increadible numbers shooting the 3 in half court with 72% aFG%. Knows his way around spot ups, when to shot, when to attack off the dribble and when to attack the rim.

ISOs – Was on fire when shooting from his spots in ISOs, adjusted FG% was 109%!. That should decrease and be more in line with his other shooting stats. Unlike in the PnR, he really thrived going to the rim and scoring out of the ISO. Another stat that saw a healthy improvement were his turnovers, while he is quite turnover prone in the PnR as a scorer and in transition, he barely turns them over in ISOs, especially when the drives to the rim. Below 10% TO rate in ISOs. Wasn’t selfish, created a lot of shots for teammates in behind the arc or cutters. Really impressive runner and floater, making close to 55%. Quick first step, helps him get by, or create space for a step back. Fluid and agile, great switch of direction.

Defense – Lack of size, strength really hinders his prospects  as a defender. Was an OK defender in college on most nights, but in the NBA he would be targeted a lot. Doesn’t even get you that many steals, which smaller guards usually do if they can’t contribute any other way defensively. Good speed on closeouts, but lack of length and size really hurts him. Some shooters see over him even when he jumps.

Heaven Version

Learns to control his speed in transition. Learns to avoid bigs around the rim. Improves as a decisionmaker in the half court. The 3pt shot stays, free throws improves. Learns to use speed to stay with his man in ISOs and in the PnR

Heaven Version Stats

12-2-5 while shooting around 38% from three on ok volume

Hell Version

The 3pt shot reverts to where his FTs project it to be, between 30-33%. Struggles with the speed of the game. Turns into a speedy end of the back guard who craters your defense, but can spark your offense a few times a year.

Hell Version Stats

3 points 1 assist ,shooting 31% from three.

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