NBA Draft 2021 Josh Primo Scout Report

Is he just a shooter?

Shooting – Impressed shooting the 3 his freshman season. Made 38% of his attempts and took a very big volume of 9 per 100 possessions. Solid free throw shooter with 75%,but struggles to get to the line. Only took 3.5 FTs per 100 possessions, and the average prospect in this year’s draft takes around 6. Lights out on Catch and Shoot opportunity this year. Took 3 such shots per game and registered an aFG% of 66%. Didn’t take many off the dribble shots, but flashed solid ability to create a shot for himself off the dribble. Took an off the dribble shot every two games, and registered an aFG% of 47%, which is a very good mark, impressive for a freshman coming of the bench. Better half court 3 point shooter than overall 3pt shooter. His 3p% for half court 3s is 42%. Fluid shooting form, fast release but not the fastest. Seems like a naturally gifted shooter.

Transition – Shown some flashes of being able to take the defensive rebound and act as a transition ball handler. Has a fine 1.2 assist to turnover ratio in transition. Indecisive at times, took too many transition 3s. But also really struggled to score in transition. One of the worst finishers in my Draft database. Fast, explosive with and without the ball in transition.

PnR Ball Handler – Only 10% of his offensive output this season, but struggled mightily, both in terms of scoring and playmaking. Has solid playmaking instincts in the PnR. Intriguing handle for his size and position. Quite agile and shifty. Knows how to find open teammates, but the timing and precision of his passes still aren’t that great.  Quite turnover prone as well with 30% Turnover rate.

Cuts and Off Rebounds – very active off the ball. Great cutter, both in terms of recognizing opportunities and finishing them.  805 FG% on cuts. Struggled to finish after offensive rebounds but active on the offensive glass. Lack of strength hinders finishing in traffic and contact.

Defense – Has interesting tool set to be at least a good 3nD guard. 6-6, long with a wing span probably around 6-9 or even 6-10.  Solid defender his freshman year. Posted a Drtg of 97 and DBPM of 2.1, both good marks. Active responsible defender. Always hands up, his feet mirror what his man does. Sticks to his man like glue around screens. Communicates well on defense.  Ok rebounder for his size with a close to 7.6% rebounder percentage.

One of the youngest players in the draft. Will turn 19 at the end of December this year.

Heaven Version of Josh Primo

Becomes more than just a shooter. His 3 translates to the NBA. Can create his own shot. Energy off the ball stays the same.  Defends guards and smaller wings. A really good starting 3nD guard who can offer some creation with the second unit.

Heaven Version Stats

18-5-3 with a steal and shooting close to 40% on a high volume

Hell Version of Josh Primo

 The shot doesn’t fall, handle stays the same struggles in the G League due to lack of strength and shooting ability, never becomes any sort of creator., moves to Europe or China after a few years in the G League.

Hell Version stats

Club Trillion

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