NBA Draft 2021 Austin Reaves Scout Report

Can his three unlock more of his offensive arsenal?

PnR ball Handler – Very high volume PnR guard. Capable scorer and creator. Had close to 9 shot attemps out of the PnR and created 8 scoring opportunites for his teammates. Still only ok shooting off the dribble in the PnR. But really excelled at going to the rim,with close to 2 attemps per game, a 58% FG% and almost 40% FT rate. Acceptable turnover rate of 12%. His effectiveness doesn’t drop by a lot under pressure and under double teams.  Has as solid 1.3 assist to turnover ratio in the half court. Good first step. Uses stop and go to create lines. Good balance and body control in contact.

ISOs – Can both score and create at a high level.  Ran more than 2 ISO Possessions per game and scored at almost 47% of them aFG%. Great job creating open looks for spot up shooters out of ISOs.

Transition – Likes to push it in transition following a defensive rebound or pass. Excellent playmaker in transition with a high 2.6 assist to turnover ratio. Also has a knack for getting to the line with a 20% FT rate in transition. His aFG% in transition was a very good 60%

Shooting  – Didn’t shoot the 3 as good as people thought he would, or as much as his FTs project him to shoot them. Only a 30% 3pt shooter this year, on an average volume of 7 per 100 possessions. Was incredible at getting to the line this year with 11.5 FTs per 100 possessions. Elite at making FTs with 86% this year and 84 for his whole college career.  Impressed on Catch on shoot shots, with an aFG% of 60%.  Solid ability to create shot for himself off the dribble. Made 43% aFG% of his off the dribble jump shots.  Impressive midrange game, has the ability to create and to make 2s at a close to 50% rate.

Defense – Posted some very interesting defensive numbers his freshman year in Witchita State. Since then he has been average defensively. But again, this year he has shown flashes of being a competent defender, both in PnR and in closeouts.  Capable and willing to draw charges. Good rebounder for his size with a % rebound rate.

Heaven Version of Austin Reaves

The three improves drastically, handle and shot creation translate. Is able to become a decent team defender.

Heaven Version Stats

14-4-4 with 40% from three

Hell Version of Austin Reaves

A player that can offer a lot offensively in bursts off the bench, solid back up 3rd guard on a ok team.

Hell Version Stats

8-2-2 with 33% from three.

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