NBA Draft 2021 Day’Ron Sharpe Scout Report

Raw Big with tremendous defensive upside.

Post Ups – Has the physical profile of a dominant post player. Almost 7 foot tall, around 260 pounds. Still quite turnover prone in the post. With around 15% turnover rate. Scored around 47% as a post scorer. More a power finisher than someone who will wow you with footwork. Showed some really intriguing flashes of being able to create for others out of the post. Create one scoring opportunity for others out of the post per game. Has a very good 15% assist percentage, especially for a player that projects as a dunker big. Flashes of being a competent outlook passer from Def Rebs.

OFF Rebs and Cuts – Very active but not very effective big without the ball. Generates close to 4 offs rebs and cuts per game. But only average at converting them into scoring chances. Not the best in traffic. Teams also foul him in these situations because he is only shooting 51% on his FTs. His form looks static and tense, like a catapult. The FTs blast against the rim. In total he scores around 55% of his offensive rebounds and cuts. Gets to the line 10 times tho.

Transition – Good athlete for his size. Finishes well in transition, 73% fg% in transition. Fast, fluid runner in the open court. Not the most vertical athlete. Questionable shape this season.

Misc– Wasn’t really used as a roll man, but scored over 60%.

Defense – Impressed in the limited minutes he played. Still struggles with foul trouble.  Very impressive rebound percentage with 21. Promising steal percentage with 2 and good. block percentage of 5.Both of his Drtg with 93 and DBPM with 3.2 are great for a freshman big playing limited minutes.  But some of his instincts on the defensive end are lacking. His footwork on the defensive end is still very raw.

Heaven Version of Day’Ron Sharpe

Improves as a free throw shooter, decision maker both on offense and defense, that should cut down the fouls and turnovers. Gets in better shape, which helps him be better at switches and closeouts. Improved passer in the Post. A Hustling dunker, who can create in the post but very impactful rim protector.

Heaven Version Stats

15-12-3 with a steal and 1.5 blocks,

Hell Version of Day’Ron Sharpe

Isn’t able to stay on the floor, due to the fouls, turnovers and lack of free throw shooting. End of the bench big.

Hell Version Stats

3 points 3 rebounds.

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