NBA Draft 2021 Brandon “BJ” Boston Jr. Scout Report

A lot of promise on both ends, but did he peak in High School?

Shooting – Shoot only 30% on 3s this season, while taking an average volume of 7 per 100 possessions. Good free throw shooter with 78% but below average at getting to the line with 5 attempts per 100 possessions. Bad on catch and shoot, only 38% aFG%. Even worse off the dribble this year with barely a 30% aFG%. Showed promise to create something off the dribble. But struggled. Even struggled to get to the rim and finish, especially out of Spot up Situations. Abysmal finisher around the rim with barely 40%. Fluid mechanics, quick release.

Using Screens and HandOffs – Knows how to use screens to create separation and shoot. But the shoots didn’t fall this season, barely 35% aFG% on this type of possession.

Transition – Solid in transition. Finishing above 60% aFG%. Has a really good assist to turnover ratio with 1.8.  Rarely turns the ball over with only a 8% turnover rate in transition. Solid at getting to the line with 10% FT rate in transition. Eager to run in transition.

ISOs – Overall a good ISO scorer, with some flashes of creating from others in ISOs.  Shoot around 45% aFG% as an ISO scorer. Can shoot over smaller defenders, and take bigger, slower guys off the dribble. Has tricks and fakes that let him get by his man. Good first step, long strides.

PnR Ball Handler – Still looks to score, rarely looks to pass in the PnR. Was one of the worst scorers in the PnR this season. Scored on a unbelievably low aFG% of 12%!!! As a PnR scorer. Struggles to get to his spots, doesn’t seem comfortable in traffic. Has a promising 1.2 assist to turnover ratio in half court.

Defense – Ok rebounder for his size and length, 8% rebounding rate. Overall was a decent defender in college, 2 DBPM this season. Has a body that , if it fills up the right way could be an promising wing defender. Bothers shooters with size and length. Stays with ball handlers in both ISOs and PnRs. Lack of strength really limits what he can do defensively. Most players his size overpower him with ease. Doesn’t offer much in terms of shot blocking. Good at getting steals.

Heaven Version of BJ Boston

Adds weight, but stays on the same level explosively. Becomes better as a off the dribble shooter and 3pt shooter. Improved finisher and rebounder. Great transition ball handler. Can guard 2-4

Heaven Version Stats

16-6-3 with 1.5 steals with close to 40% from three.

Hell Version of BJ Boston

Someone who peaked in High school. Turns into a decent shooter for 3, everything else is below average. Doesn’t get a second NBA contract.

Hell Version Stats

3 points 1 rebound. With around 33% from three.

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