NBA Draft 2021 Terrence Shannon Jr Scout Report

Athletic Slasher with major 3nD upside.

Scoring – Solid overall shooter. Made close to 35% for three this season on a good volume of 7 attempts per 100 possessions. Great at getting to the line with 10 attempts per 100 possessions, and making 76% of them.  Ok on catch and shoot situations, with a aFG% of 42%.  Struggled shooting off the dribble this season, with below 40% aFG%. Great at getting to the rim and finishing around the rim. Really bad floater. Clanks hard against the rim hard. Active without the ball, gets Off Rebs, scores on cuts on a great rate.

ISOs – OK scorer and good creator in the ISO. More of a scorer currently, Gets by guys consistently. Flashed some off the dribble shot creation.  Doesn’t turn the ball over that much, with a 12% turnover ratio. Good ball control and handle. Uses stop and go motions to freeze defenders, create space for driving lanes. Above average first step.

Transition – Really shaky ball handler in transition. Turned the ball over almost 2 out of the 5 times in transition. But a great finisher and great at getting to the line in transition. Close to 70% finishing in transition.  Good assist to turnover ratio in transition, with 1.6.

PnR Ball Handler – Can both score and create out of the PnR. Currently much more of a scorer. Only 38% aFG% scoring in the PnR. Shoots a lot of 3s out of the PnR. Great at getting to the line, with an almost 20% FT rate in the PnR. Showed flashes of creation out of the PnR, spotting cutters and shooters. Struggled shooting off the dribble in the PnR, below 30% on aFG%. Was amazing attacking the rim in the PnR. Scored 83% of his attempts at the rim out of the PnR, and got to the line at an almost 40% rate. Overall 1 assist to turnover ratio.

Defense – Good rebounder for his size and position, with close to 9%. Great DBPM with almost 3 and great  Drtg with around 95. Legit 6-6 guard with a great length. Good guarding ball handlers, either in the PnR and in ISOs.  Effort and concentration come and go when he has to guard spot up shooters. Has a tendency to get caught watching what the ball handler does, which creates open looks for the guy he was suppose to guard. Likes to draw charges, at times too much. Not the best at communicating switches. Strong, can guard bigger wings in the post.

Heaven Version of Terrence Shannon Jr

Improves as a shooter and passer. Tighter handle. Very effective slasher at the next level. Is able to guard 1-3, maybe some small ball 4.

Heaven Version Stats

18-6-3 with around 39% from three

Hell Version of Terrence Shannon Jr

The shot just doesn’t fall, the handle is ok. Becomes a good one on one defender, but below average team defender who hurts you on switches. End of the rotation slasher guard who brings defensive intensity.

Hell Version Stats

5-2-1, shooting below 33% from three.

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