NBA Draft 2021 Aaron Henry Scout Report

Solid 3nD prospect with a bit of playmaking potential.

Shooting – Third year in  a row, his 3pt% drops, while his FT% increases. Took 5.2 threes per 100 possessions and made 29% of them, both the volume and percentage are below average. Took close to 7 Fts per 100 possessions, which is average had a solid efficiency with 76%. Struggled in catch and shoot situations this season with an aFG% of 40. Impressed more shooting off the dribble where his aFG% was 5% better than the catch and shoot one. Really impressive midrange game. Finished the year shooting over 50% on long 2.  Impressive runner game, especially out of spot up situations, scores on 55% on those. Only ok when driving to the rim, with a rate slightly below 50%.

Transition – Solid finisher, shaky ball handler. Likes to start transitions after his defensive rebound, but 25% of those end up as turnovers. Only a 1 assist to turnover ratio. Flashed some ability of making transition 3s. Good finisher in transition, around 60%.

PnR Ball Handling – Improved as a playmaker in the PnR. Created close to 3 shooting opportunities for his team per game out of the PnR. Can dish to the roll man and the open shooters. At times shows flashes of more advanced court mapping. Solid 1.3 half court assist to turnover ratio and a healthy 3.6 assists per game this season.

ISOs – Decent scorer in ISOs, but can also create for others. His best weapon is his runner, if he gets by his man. Solid at creating a shot for himself off the dribble. Composed, has a good turnover percentage of 4% in ISOs. Solid use of jab steps to create separation. Good at spotting cutters. Only an OK first step, strength more of an assent when he tries to get pass guys.

Defense – Projects as someone who can guard both guard positions and maybe some wings. Been a really good defender in college his whole career. Averaged a 3.7 DMPM in his 3 years at Michigan State. Really good wingspan at 6-10. Impressive when closing out shooters. His combination of speed, leght and size bothers shooters. Has the speed, footwork and instinct to stay with a defender if they try to take him off the dribble or attack the rim. Good at navigating around screens. Stays with ball handler in the PnR. One of the most complete wing defenders in the draft.  Good rebounder with a close to 10% rebound percentage. Good at getting steals and blocks especially. Close to 5 block%, which is solid rim protector territory. Can bite on the occasional pump fake. Mirrors every step his man makes. Communicates and rotates well

Heaven Version of Aaron Henry

His three improves, as well as his finishing around the rim. Handle gets better, as does his decision making in transition. The defensive impact and switchability translate to the NBA.

Heaven Version Stats

13-6-4 with 1.5 blocks and steals shooting 38% from three

Hell Version of Aaron Henry

The shot doesn’t drop. Can guard bigger shooters and wings, but not elite ball handlers and the quickest guards in the league. Solid end of the rotation guard who brings a lot of defensive intensity.

Hell Version stats

6-3-2 while shooting 30% from three.

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