NBA Draft 2021 Max Abmas Scout Report

How much of his immense scoring will translate to the NBA?

PnR Ball handler – Can create for himself and for others out of the PnR at a very high and efficient rate. Creates 10 shots for teammates per game out of the PnR . Equally good at finding the Roll man and Spot up shooters . Creates 9 scoring opportunites for himself out of the PnR as well. Favorite and most effective weapon out of the PnR are his off the dribble jumpers. Makes them at a very high rate of 57% aFG%. And more than 3 per game. Good finisher around the basket, especially for guard of his size. Developed a great floater game. Overall assist to turnover ratio in the half court is a respectable  1.5. And a respectable turnover rate of 13% in PnR possessions.

Shooting – Very impressive mix of 3pt% and volume. Took 12.5 3s per 100 possessions and made 43% of them. Got to the line at an above average 8 attempts per 100 possessions and shot them at an elite 89%.  Lights out catch and shoot player, with 75% aFG% on those types of shots.  Impressive shooter off the dribble as well. Great handle and speed help him get to his spots and score. Made 57% aFG% on all his off the dribble jumpers this season. Simply incredible shooting spot up jumpers. His aFG% for spot up no dribble jumpers is 81%! And he is well adapted at using his dribble to attack close outs, either going to the rim or creating himself an easy look.

Transition – Good finisher and exceptional decision maker. Has an assist to turnover ratio of 3 in transition. Due to the lack of size his at rim finshing will always be an issue, but he manages to complete 53% aFG% of his transition attempts. A big transition 3 threat.

ISOs – Excellent ISO scorer and willing creator. Has more than 2 ISO possessions per game and scores a very impressive 53% aFG% on them. Gets to the line 20% of the time and turns the ball over on just 10% of his ISO possessions. Has the calm and composure to find shooters and cutters out of the PnR, even if his size decreases his angles. Strong, can create separation with bumbs and body contact.

Screens and Handoffs – Highly skilled and effective at using both. Managed to score over 55% aFG% on both of these types of possessions.

Defense – Limited defensive upside due to size and length. But plays hard on both ends, fights against screens, and tries hard to stay with defenders.

Heaven Version of Max Abmas

If everything goes right, he could be a version of Isaiah Thomas, (Celtics)

Heaven Version Stats

25-4-6 with logo range from three

Hell Version of Max Abmas

Undersized sparkplug scorer off the bench.

Hell Version Stats


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