NBA Draft 2021 Marcus Bagley Scout Report

Really intriguing 3nD prospect, but can he become more?

Shooting – Impressed with his shooting ability, especially catch and shoot. Scored a good 57% aFG% on his catch and shoot attempts.  Tried some off the dribble shooting, but still way off on being able to shot off the dribble shots well. Shown flashes of being able to create separation with jab steps and hitting step back 3s. 37.5% on 3pt in the half court. Took a large volume of threes, close to 12 per 100 possessions.  Solid at getting to the line with 5 attempts per 100. And shoot them at a good rate for a wing 72%. Good spot up shooter, especially for a freshman wing. Posted a very promising, 58% aFG% on no dribble spot up jumpers. Still can’t create off the dribble when faced with a harder close outs, but did flash floaters and the ability to attack the rim from spot ups.

Transition – Really struggled to finish in transition. Took too many transition 3s. But impressed as a decision-maker. Amassed an impressive 3-1 assist to turnover ratio in transition. Gets to the line at a really good rate of 21%.

Using Screens and HandOffs  – They didn’t use him as much as a off screen shooter, but in the limited possessions that he has been used he as truly impressed.  Overall shot an impressive 65% aFG% from OffScreen possessions. Solid out of dribble handoffs.

Roll man – As with screens and handoffs, wasn’t really used as a roll man, but impressed in limited possessions. In particular, he excelled as a Pick and Pop threat, posting a very impressive 68% aFG on his PnP jump shoots. Also posted a low turnover rate of 11%. Didn’t roll to the basket, but has the size and athleticisms , as well as body to become a useable roll man.

Defense  – Good rebounder for his position with a 12% rebound percentage. Has both size and strength to box out effectively. Good at getting steals , decent shot blocker for his size and position. Impressed as a all round defender in college. Teams attacked him in a variety of ways, but he managed to deal with them all in a very impressive way. Good frame, strength and athleticism. Can deal with guards and wings. Held his own in the post, as well as ISOs after switches. Smart and aggressive, few fouls for a player of his defensive toolset. Great at closing out on spot up shooters and stopping them a from attacking the rim off the dribble. Smart defender, takes charges.

Heaven Version of Marcus Bagley

Becomes a high end 3nD player who offers some shot creation and playmaking in transition or with the second unit. Can guard from 2-4 including some small ball 5s.

Heaven Version Stats

18-8-3 with close to 40% from three.

Hell Version of Marcus Bagley

The shot doesn’t materialize, the tempo of the game becomes a problem. Solid, versatile defender, and streaky shooter.

Hell Version Stats

8 points 4 rebounds

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