NBA Draft 2021 Chris Duarte Scout Report

Safe pick with 2 way impact.

Shooting – Really impressed shooting the ball this season. Took almost 10 3s per 100 possessions and made a stunning 43% of them. Free throws were also impressive with 80% and he took a solid amount of them, 5 attempts per 100 possessions. Impressive on all catch and shoot possessions with 69% aFG%. Hurt teams from all over the floor. Shot 60% on his jump shot 2s this season.  And fantastic season off the dribble, both in terms of volume and efficiency. Took almost 4 per game and made 55% aFG%. Shot 50% on spot up 3s this season! Mastered the spot up possession. Can use fakes and create off the dribble from them, or simply go to the basket and finish at a very high rate of 54%. Uses length and pump fakes to score at the rim. Also gets to the line out of these plays. Hands always up. Follows the ball handler on offense to create easier, open looks for himself.

PnR Ball Handler – Exceptional PnR ball handler. Equally well adept at creating his own offense and creating for his teammates. One of the rare prospects that doesn’t really shoot floaters. Impressed shooting off the dribble in the PnR, gets to his spots with ease and scores at a very high rate of 65% aFG%. Very good at taking the ball to the rim and finishes close to 60% of his attempts at the rim in this type of possession. Legit 6-6 ball handler. Only an ok 1 assist to turnover ratio in the half court.

Transition – Brilliant transition scorer and playmaker. Posted a impressive 2.7 assist to turnover ratio in transition.  Low turnover% of 9. Scored an impressive 74% aFG%.

ISOs – Very good scorer and willing creator in ISOs. Can hurt defenders in different ways. Equally successful when he shoots right away, or when he takes his defender off the dribble. Very capable step back 3pt shooter. Can create space for a off the dribble shot, or driving lanes to finish at the rim. Overall posted a very good, aFG% of 50% on his ISO scoring possessions. A quarter of his ISO possessions ended up as passes to open 3pt shooters or cutters.

Using Screens and Handoffs – Smart and active without the ball. Uses both often, combined they make up over 10% of his offense. Really impressed shooting off screens, and posted a 61% aFG%.

Defense – Ok rebounder for a 6-6 guard, 9% career. Gets both steals and blocks at a high rate for a guard, close to 2 steals and a block per game. Did struggle to contain spot up shooters. Solid PnR defender, as well as ISO Defender. Athletic players can leave him in the dust with a crossover. Communicates well and rotates well.

Heaven Version of Chris Duarte

Everything he does well, translates to the NBA, becomes better passer.

Heaven Version Stats

15-5-4 with 1.5 steals and 40% plus from the 3pt line

Hell Version of Chris Duarte

Struggles with the tempo of the NBA, worse defender in the league than in college.The three is worse. Solid 3nD bench player.

Hell Version Stats

8-2-1 with 36% from three.

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