NBA Draft 2021 Ziaire Williams Scout Report

Was it just a bad year, or did he peak in High School?

PnR ball Handler – Intriguing scoring potential with his size and length. Good ball handler for a 6-8 guard/forward. But struggled mightily in college. Very turnover prone in the PnR with 25% turnover rate.  Barely Got to the line out of the PnR, or attack the rim.  Impressed shooting off the dribble out of the PnR, made a solid 50% aFG%. Still managed to create 3 scoring opportunities for his teammates per game out of the PnR.  

Shooting – Shoot a above average volume on 3s this season and only made 29% of them. Struggled off the dribble as well, with a 39% aFG%. His FTs bring a bit of optimism. He shot close to 80% and got to the line at a slightly below average clip of 5 per 100 possessions. Really struggled in spot up possessions. Shot only 42% aFG% on his no dribble spot up shots, and was abysmal with his off the dribble shots out of spot ups with 22% makes. Struggled to look at the rim, and not just to attempt to dribble at it.

Transition – Solid athlete in transition, but struggled as the ball handler. Overall around 50% finishing in transition. And only 10% FT rate.

Defense – Has a very interesting body profile to guard multiple defenders, but is razor thin. Slender frame.  Needs to add a lot more weight. Questions how that weight will impact his movement and athleticism. Weights 25 pounds less than Cam Thomas and Davion Mitchell for example. But his size and length help him bother spot up shooters. But if those shooters can dribble, they will smoke him with off the dribble jumpers or blow by him and get to the rim. Good at staying with ball handlers in PnRs. Struggles against defenders who use screens to create separation.  Below average rebounder for his size and position, with a 10% rebound percentage, doesn’t offer much in terms of blocks or steals.

Heaven Version of Ziaire Williams

Gets stronger, can finish in contact. The shot starts to fall at a good rate. Is able to defend, lack of strength doesn’t turn him into a foul machine. Improves vision and rebounding.

Heaven Version Stats

18-6-4 with 38% from three,

Hell Version of Ziaire Williams

Is worse in the NBA then he was in college. Can’t stay on the floor. Horrible on both defense and offense.

Hell Version Stats

2 points 1 rebound and out of the league after 2,3 years.

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