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Dr. Stone 2 : Stone Wars

The Science Crazed Crew is back In Town!

There are casts of characters that feel like friends or family. In my case, the entire crew of Dr. Stone feels like that. It felt great seeing them all again. I’m also happy that the show didn’t take a huge dive, like another anime/manga I was following closely for the last few years. The show picks up before the “War with Tsukasa”. There are new inventions, new weird, quirky; in the Zoey Deschanel and not Deku sense of that word; characters.

This season did feel a bit more plot-oriented, with fewer jokes and worldbuilding. What I love about this show is that creates fleshed-out characters with ease. Rarely does a character fall into some archetype, or just the henchman/right-hand man loyalist type. Characters grow, they feel all kinds of emotions, from despair, hope, sadness, envy to joy. At times, it feels like a show without any villains.

I just wished there was more Ginro humor. Love Ginro as a character. Ginro is a delusional coward, who likes to feel like he is worth more than the rest. But that’s how most of us would feel in the situations that he finds himself in. If we were guaranteed victory, wouldn’t we also rig a few things here and there? IF we got an item that makes us unique in the whole wide world, wouldn’t we gloat? IF we were forced to use said item to detect a deadly chemical, would we all be shaking and soiling our underwear?

Also, Steam GORILLA!!!!!!

Cant’ wait for season three, based on the ending, should be a bit pirate-themed, will Senku become the Pirate King? We will find out soon.

Finally, it is wonderful to have such a science-friendly, science-optimistic show in our current era. Every day we are bombarded with all kinds of anti-science propaganda, especially anti-vaxxers. So, it is great to be around a show that shows just how much better our lives are because of all the inventions that have been created throughout the past. Science can be shocking, and the faces of the vast majority of the Dr. Stone cast show that a couple of times each episode, in hilarious fashion; but without it, our lives wouldn’t be as easy as they are today. Heck, until medical science had all those breakthroughs that it did at the end of the 19th and throughout the 20th century, most of us would be dead before we even reach 18. It always shocks me when I remember that almost a third of people ever born had died before they turn a year old.

Science banzai!!

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