NBA Draft 2021 Josh Christopher Scout Report

Great defensive and slasher upside, but just how far will his shot take him?

Transition – One of the best and most exciting transition ball handlers in college last year. Gets to the rim with ease, scores even easier with 80% at rim. Brilliant at getting to the line in transition with a 24% FT rate, which balloons to 35% when he is the ball handler. Careful with the ball, doesn’t commit too many turnovers in transition. 1.2 assist to turnover ratio in transition. Freezes defenders with stop and go, to take advantage of his first step. Long and good leaper, with balance in contact.

Shooting – Struggled shooting the ball all season. His half court aFG% on jump shots is a poor 38%.  Even worse off the dribble with aFG% of 31%.  Average volume on taken threes, but only shot 30%. Gets to the line 7 times per 100 possession, a good amount. His FT% is 80% and this gives hopes that his 3pt% could eventually get over 35%. Another reason to be optimistic about his shot are his off the dribble attempts following a spot up situation. He managed to score over 50% aFG% on those attempts. But, in general he scored a bad 41% aFG% on his spot up attempts, and struggled to get to the rim out of hard close outs.

PnR Ball Handler – Shown some interesting flashes of being able to create out of the PnR. Very under control when the defense commits to him. Finds open teammates with precision effortlessly. Still more of a scorer in the PnR, but wasn’t really efficient in that department. One of his biggest issues was his reliance on shooting off the dribble, and he only scored on 21% of those shots. Can get to the rim, but doesn’t try nearly as much as he should in the PnR. Shown flashes of being a able to use floaters out of the PnR. Bad assist to turnover ratio in the halfcourt.

ISOs – Fine ISO scorer. Struggles to get to his spots or to create driving lanes. Shot an overall 44% afg% on his ISO possessions. Shown flashes of being able to create for himself and others. Can create space with crossovers and step backs.

Defense – Great profile for a guard defender. 6-5 with a 6-9 wingspan. Good rebounder for his position with 9%. Promising steal percentage of 2.7% and 1.5 steals per game. Great at closing out shooters in the corners and wings. His combination of speed, size and length really impacts. Is able to stick to guys attacking him off the dribble. Stays with opponents who try to take him to the rim. Still hasn’t learned how to defend in the PnR. Experienced guards with good handles create for themselves and for others with ease when he guards them. Focused defender both on his man and on the ball handler. Moves his feet non stop. Doesn’t bite on pump fakes or jab steps, hands always up. Can miss rotations, especially in later parts of the game.

Heaven Version of Josh Christopher

Improves as both a PnR scorer and creator. Becomes a great defender who can guard all guards and some wings. The jump shot starts to fall. The transition dominance translates.

Heaven Version Stats

18-6-4 with 2 steals and 38% from three, ALL NBA defender

Hell Version of Josh Christopher

The shot doesn’t fall, can guard shooters but not much else. The ball handling and playmaking doesn’t improve. Turns into a ok slasher off the bench.

Hell Version Stats

6 points 2 rebounds per game, shooting below 30% from three.

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