NBA Draft 2021 Jared Butler Scout Report

Can his stellar shooting season translate to the NBA?

PnR ball handler – Good half court assist to turnover ratio of 1.6. More of a creator than a scorer out of the PnR. Quite turnover prone when he tries to score, with a turnover rate of 21%. Doesn’t get to the line often out of the PnR. Solid off the dribble threat, decent floater game and decent finisher around the rim. Excels as a passer in the PnR. Can create quality chances for both spot up shooters and bigs rolling to the rim, or popping. Solid agility, good ball handling in tight spaces.

Shooting – Turned into an exceptional shooter. Every year improved as 3pt shooter by 3 percent. Very high volume on threes, with 12 attempts per 100 possessions. Made 41%. Good at getting to the line and scoring from the line. 6 attempts per 100 possessions, with a 78% accuracy. Shot an amazing 75% aFG% on catch and shoot half court shots. But bad runner game, and only average around the rim with 52%. Solid off the dribble scorer with 3 attempts per game and a 47% aFG%. Most of his attempts were threes, but shown flashes of an impressive midrange game, shot 54% for long 2s. Probably the best spot up player in college last year. Deadly on catch and shoot situations. Can attack close outs and create off the dribble. Become excellent at turning close outs into easy attempts at the rim. Scored an excellent 68% of his drives at the rim out of spot up situations. Knows how to navigate around screens to create open looks for himself.

Transition – Very good transition ball handler. Can finish at the rim at a good rate, above 60% but also pull up for three.  Responsible ball handler. Acceptable turnover rate of 18%. Ok at generating FTs in transition with 12%.

ISOs – Not really an iso scorer, more of an ISO pull up shooter. When he get the ball in his stops he scores, even when guarded by taller defenders. Was poor driving out of ISOs. Very good creator out of the ISO. Rarely turns the ball over with only a 5% turnover rate. Creates quality looks for shooters, spots cutters very well.

Defense – Solid all round guard defender for his size. Stronger than people think. Teams tried to post him up early in the year, didn’t work . Good at closing out spot up shooters. Solid when it comes to staying the his man in the PnR. Forces turnovers to a good degree with a 27% rate. Solid steal rate of almost 4. Smart defender, reads the floor well. Struggles to stay in front of quick guards.

Heaven Version of Jared Butler

Improves as a passer, especially in transition. The shot translates to the next level. Can keep up athletically at the next level. Better finisher in traffic, better at getting to the line.

Heaven Version Stats

20-3-6 with 2 steals and 40%+ shooting from three on high volume

Hell Version of Jared Butler

The shot is good but not what it was in college, an’t do much else than shoot threes. Solid back up combo guard.

Hell Version Stats

9-2-3 with a steal and around 36% from three.

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