NBA Draft 2021 James Bouknight Scout Report

Can his shot come along and turn him into something more than a slasher?

PnR ball Handler Overall really bad assist to turnover ratio of 0.6. Even in transition its below 1. Solid passer out of the PnR, with only 8% turnover rate. Some of his passes to open teammates lack precision. Very turnover prone when he tries to score out of the PnR. A quarter of his PnR scoring possessions ends up as a turnover. Bad at creating for himself off the dribble. Bad at shooting floater. Elite finisher at the rim with around 60%, also creates a lot of free throws when he drives to the rim out of the PnR.

Transition – elite scorer in transition. Has a close to 70% aFG%. Decent turnover rate of 13%. Very poor assist to turnover rate of 0.8.

Shooting Below 30% on all half court jump shots. Both his 3pt% and his FT% dropped in his second year.  But shot really high volume on both, 9 threes per 100 possessions and 10 FTs per 100 possessions. Still a 78% free throw shooter. If his shot bounces back he could be a very good scorer in the NBA.  Good floater game, finished 53% of his floaters.  Elite at rim finisher with 63% efficiency.  Only 41% aFG% on his off the dribble shots. Really bad in spot up situations. Shot only an aFG% of 30%. Struggled to get to the rim out of this type of possession.

ISO – Really talented ISO scorer. Really hard to stay in front of. Deadly going to the rim. Draws fouls at a great rate of 30%.  Showed a lot of potential creating his own shot out of  ISOs. Overall had a very health 57% afg% as an ISO scorer. Only an scorer tho, hardly created anything for any of his teammates out of ISOs.

Defense – Improved defensively this year. More focused, read the game better on that end. Good rebounding percentage of 10 for a guard. Solid one and one defender all round. Best when defending in the PnR, can force turnovers with an up to 25% turnover rate. Solid at closeouts, stay with players who drive to the rim.

Heaven Version of James Bouknight

There is a lot of improvement to happen. First of all, his shot needs to improve, as well as his decision making with and without the ball. But could become a really deadly iso scorer and slasher on the next level.

Heaven Version Stats

20-5-3 with around 37% from three and a good defender

Hell Version of James Bouknight

The shot doesn’t get where it needs to be, a noncreator on offense. Solid defender. Sparkplug scorer off the bench who excels surrounded with 3pt shooters.

Hell Version Stats

10-3-1 while shoting around 30% from three

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