NBA Draft 2021 Tre Mann Scout Report

Can He Become a 2 way force in the NBA?

PnR Ball Handler – One of the best and most complete PnR players. He is excellent at every facet of a PnR. A bit more of a scorer than creator. Equally excels at finding shooters, cutters or roll men. His best weapon as as scorer are his off the dribble jumpers, scoring almost 60% aFG%. One of the best runners in the class, scoring over 50% on those. Good around the rim, but could be better, especially against size. An get a bit turnover prone when he tries to score and doesn’t get to the line a lot out of the PnR with just 8% FT possessions out of the PnR. His efficiency in the PnR doesn’t descreas when the defense commits and sends multiple defenders his way. Only a 1.1 assist to turnover ratio in the half court. Fast and strong, can finish in contact, his strength helps him keep his balance when in contact with rim protectors. Very agile, defenders struggle to keep up with his agility and change of direction. Great composure in double teams and traps. Great speed and first step allow him to escape pressure from the defense.

Transition – Great at finishing in transition, but rarely chooses to go to the rim. Likes to take a lot of transition jumpers, especially threes. Needs to learn how to balance those opportunities. Can get turnover prone, a fifth of his transition possessions end up as turnovers with him as the ball handler. Over 70% finishing when he isn’t the transition ball handler. Still has a good assist to turnover ratio in transition 1.8.

Shooting – Slightly above average volume on both 3 and FTs.  Shot 39.8% from three on 8 attempts per 100 possessions. Shot an elite 83% on 7 Fts per 100 possessions.Both his 3pt% and his FT% surged this season, 13% and 18% respectively. Solid midrange game, long twos are close to 50 %. 53% on all off the dribble jumpers.  Solid spot up shooter. Really struggled driving to the rim out of these situations. Much better when he drives left than when he drives right. Elite floater.

ISOs –  Solid ISO scorer. Doesn’t get to the line a bunch out of these types of possessions. Shoot around 46% aFG out of isos. Can hit it right away with a defender in his face. Can hurt a team in 3 different ways, off the dribble Js, floaters and finishing at the rim.

Defense – Been a good defender his freshman season, improved even more his sophomore season. Has both size and athleticism to guard both point guards and shooting guards in the NBA. Good footwork. Reads the PnR well and creates a lot of turnovers in those types of possession, close to 25%. Good and hard closing out on shooters. Can stay with them if they decide to drive to the rim. Still struggles a bit with nifty ball handlers who can create their own shots off the dribble. Impressed as a one on one defender in ISOs. Great rebound % for a 6-6 guard with 10.

Heaven Version of Tre Mann

Keeps improving as a passer and ball handler. The shot is legit and stay around a 40% shooter from three. Goes a even higher level athletically. Improves reading the game.

Heaven Version Stats

20-6-5 with 40% from three and between 1.5 and 2 steals per game.

Hell Version of Tre Mann

The shot reverts. The ball handling and vision don’t come along enough. Struggles more on defense in the nba. Becomes a good third guard at best.

Hell Version Stats

9-3-3 with 35% from three.

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