NBA Draft 2021 Kai Jones Scout Report

Can His Shooting Turn him into something more than a Energy big off the bench?

Transition – Excellent in transition overall. One of his best trait is getting to the line, either for free throws or and1s. Great at attacking the rim, flashed some pull up potential. Great aFG% of 78% in transition

Shooting Improved as a shooter this year. Both his three and his free throws saw a 5%+ increase in effieency. Shot close to 40% from three this year, but only on 4 attempts per 100 possessions, which is quite low volume. Decent at generating free throw attempts, as well as making them.  One of his biggest improvements came as a spot up shooter. Scored close to 56% aFG on catch and shoot. Still atrocious as a off the dribble threat. Also showed flashes of being able to put the ball on the floor out of a spot up situation, attack the rim and finish at a great rate.

Roll Man – Most of his Roll man possessions were him poping out of a screen. And he was horrible at it. Shot only an aFG of 46%. Struggles in traffic. With his free throws still below 70% after two years of college, there is doubt if he will ever become a really reliable 75%+ free throw shooter. Shot some really hard bricks from the line this season. This also bring pessimism to his chances of becoming a reliable pick and pop big. Didn’t roll the the basket much, but was a lot more efficient with 67% FG%. Bad decision maker as a roll man. Not the safest hands either. In general, only a 0.5 assist to turnover ratio.

Off Rebounds and Cuts will give his team between 2 or 3 hustle possessions of this type per game.  Above average to excellent on both.

Post ups – only few possessions player, but has shown interesting flashes as both a scorer and a passer. Has size and composure to score and pass over smaller defenders. Should be more powerful down the line when he adds more weight . But still struggles mightily in traffic. Seems to have poor balance, which hinders him from using his leaping ability which results in easily blocked shots.

Defense – Only an ok rebounder considering his size and athleticism. His rebound percentage was 11. Showed flashes of being a good shot blocker but blocked less this year than he did last year. Still projects as a impact defender, who can guards slimmer bigs, and wings. Great at close outs, but can get lost when his opponent tries to take it to the hoop. Needs to improve footwork and defensive stance.

Heaven version of Kai Jones

Improves as a decision maker, his hands get safer. Continues to improve as a shooter and ball handler. Creates more free throws and makes them. Adds weight which helps his rebounding and post ups. Turns into one of the better energy bigs or a starting bigs on a solid NBA team, more impact on defense than on offense.

Heaven Version Stats

13-8-1 with a block per game and shooting around 38% from three.

Hell Version of Kai Jones

The NBA is just too quick and physical. Can’t hang with starting calibers big and ball handlers. Garbage time big

Hell Version Stats

2 points 2 rebounds per game.

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