NBA Draft 2021 Ayo Dosunmu Scout Report

Can his dominance translate to the NBA?

PnR Ball Handler – solid ball handler with an overall 1.6 assist to turnover ratio. Very good to excellent over all in the PnR. Balanced, can create offense for himself but also others.  Creates close to 7 shots for teammates per game out of the PnR. Profited from playing with Kofi Cockburn. Aware of everyone when running a set play, great at finding open shooters. Turnovers can be a problem with a overall 16% .That rate jumps to over 20% on scoring attempts out of the PnR. Average off the dribble shooter in the PnR. His best and most effective weapon in the PnR is attacking the basket, with a very good 60% efficiency. His runners need a lot more work. Great at managing the pace of the game.

Transition – Currently his best trait. Only an average ball handler in transition. A 1.6 assist to turnover is good in half court but only slightly below average in transition. More of an at rim attacker than someone who could or does pull up for three or two. Decent turnover rate with 11%.  Close to 70% aFG in transition.

Shooting– Shot 38.8% for 3 on a slightly below volume of 6.5 per 100 possessions. Shot close to 9 free throws per 100 possessions, which is a above average volume. Posted a percentage of 78%, very respectable for a guard. One of the best shot creator and makers in this draft with 4 seconds on the clock or less with an aFG% of 61.8%. Shoot a decent 44% aFG% on dribble jumpers. Pulls up from al over the floor. Short and Long 2s are close to 10% better than three, but judging by his year to year improvement, he should become a good 3pt shooter on the next level. Solid Spot up shooter. He an fake and attack the rim. Great finisher at the rim, but really bad floater game kills his averages.

Isolation offense– not a lot of possessions but flashes very interesting potential as a scorer and creator. His passing when the defense starts to focus on him is really impressive. Quite composed under pressure. Overall posted a aFG% of 50 as an ISO scorer. Good at both shooting off the dribble and going to the rim in these situations. Good handle with a few nifty crossovers that help him create separation and passing lanes. Good first step as well. Struggles to finish in traffic.

Cuts and Offensive rebounds – Produces close to 2 cuts or Off rebounds per game. Still struggles to time his cuts and create the right angle to finish, that’s why his cut efficiency is still only around 45%. Great finishing off rebounds with close to 70% efficiency.

Hand Offs and Screens – Only a few possessions of both, but has shown flashes of being able to use both to score or create

Defense – Perfect profile for an NBA guard, has both size and strength. Very active and focused. Has a great rebounder percentage for a guard with 10%. Long arms help detour players from attacking him one on one and help him get steals in passing lanes. Will be able to stay with guards, and if he gets stronger some smaller wings as well.

Heaven Version of Ayo Dosunmu

Improves as a ball handler and decision maker, especially in transition. The floater becomes at least average. Continues to improve as a shooter. Improves footwork and anticipation on defense.

Heaven Version Stats

22-6-6 with 1.5 steals and 39% from three on above average volume

Hell Version of Ayo Dosunmu

The shot reverts to below average. Ball handling doesn’t get better not his decisionmaking. Becomes a good sixth man for a playoff team.

Hell Version Stats

10-3-2.5 shooting below 35% from three

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