NBA Draft 2021 Quentin Grimes Scout Report

Can a former top 10 high school recruit become one of the best shooters in the NBA?

Spot up Situations – Overall a good scorer in Spot up situations with a 48% aFG. Good at both shooting right away or take a dribble jumper. Struggles to get to the rim and finish, only 27% aFG on drives to the rim out of Spot Up situations. Highest volume three point shooter in the draft with 15 attempts per 100 possessions, and still shot 40%+. Took a lot of threes that were beyond even the NBA 3pt line. Gets to the line at a good clip, with 7 attempts per 100 possessions and makes 78% of them. Takes more than 1 shot per game with 4 seconds or less on the shot clock and makes a respectable 42% aFG% of them.

PnR ball handler –  1 assist to turnover ratio in the half court overall.  Great PnR ball handler, but more of a scorer than a creator. Good eye to find teammates for open three out of PnR and his team scores a whopping 1.2 points per possession on his kickout of a PnR. Struggled to create for the roll man.  One of the best PnR scorers. Can get to his spots with ease off the dribble and make them at 63% aFG%. Smart to recognize when he needs to attack the rim out of the PnR and shoots a respectable 56% on his attempts at the rim. A turnover percentage below 10% on PnRs. One of the better prospects when it comes to passing out to teammates under pressure. Good first step helps him get separation for shots and drives

Transition – Excellent transition player, both as a ball handler and a runner. His assist to turnover ratio raises to almost 2 in transition. Can pull up for three , but also finish at the rim. Has a stellar 74% aFG rating in transition. Loves to push in transition after getting a defensive rebound.

ISOs – Only 10% of his offense but has shown some interesting flashes. Much more of a guy who likes to shoot right away out of an ISO, and makes those shots at an incredible rate. Struggles mightly to create shots or driving opportunities for himself. But there is potential as a passer out of an ISO, and again, a very low turnover % of only 7.9. His handle and agility show promised of a higher level of shot creation in ISOs.

Screens and Handoffs – around 10% of his offense, uses both very well.

Cuts and Offensive Rebounds – Active without the ball, will get you a cut or a offensive rebound per game and make a 65% rate. On the other side, this is the only part of his game where he is really turnover prone.

Defense – 6-5 guard, but has an great rebound % of 10. Solid leaper, better positional. Good athletic profile for his size. Turned himself into a really good defender. One of his best traits is forcing turnovers in PnR and managed to do so it almost 30% of the PnR he has defended. Has great concentration. Active and focused until the buzzer sounds. Runs hard, and fights over screens to stay with his man in PnRs and in off the ball situations. Great at closing out shooters , especially those shooting threes. Opponents shot only 20% on 3 when he guarded them. Struggles to keep up with fast players, and they an get a good attempt when attacking the rim against him.

Heaven version of Quentin Grimes

Perfects the PnR even more. Learns to create separation in ISO situations. Becomes one of the rangiest 3pt shooters in the league.  Menace with and without the ball on offense. Transition initator and scorer at a very high level. Effective defender against guards and smaller wings.

Heaven Version Stats

20-7-3 with 1.5 steals per game, 40%+ from three with 10+ attempts per 36 minutes.

Hell Version of Quentin Grimes

The shot creation never gets to a high enough level. Becomes a solid 3 and D guard , but nothing more.

Hell Version Stats

9-3-1 with 37% from three.

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