NBA Draft 2021 Franz Wagner Scout Report

Can a college do-it-all become one of the best NBA Second Bananas?

Shooting – takes close to 7 threes per 100 possessions, while makng a solid 38% from the field. A bit below average at getting to the line with 6 FTs per 100 possessions. But makes FTs at a really high rate of 84%. Should be a 40%+ three point shooter in the pros, with above average volume. Still struggles a bit with spot up shooting tho. Only 45% aFG% from spot ups. Great at using spot up situations to fake and get to the rim or the line. Close to 74% when attacking the rim out of spot up situations. Solid shooter all round, with close to 50% aFG% in most off the dribble or spot up situations. Good movement off the ball to create an passing angle for the ball handler when the ball handler penetrates into the lane. The form is fluid, but could use some tweaks, like the release point and energy transfer. Confident shooting out of dribble hand offs. At times his off the dribble shooting looks pretty fluid. Not just a line shooter, comfortable taking a spot up 3 even from two three steps behind the arc.

PnR Ball Handling – One of the best assist to turnover ratio in this draft class with 2.5. Still more of a scorer than a creator in the PnR.  Figured out how to get the roll man in ideal spots. Roll men finish about 67% of his passes out of the PnR. Still struggles to find shooters in the corners, but was also unlucky due to his teammates missing a lot of his passes out of the PnR. Good turnover rate of just 10% His best weapon out of the PnR are his off the dribble jumpers. He makes them at close to 60% aFG. But he has struggled mightily to get to the rim and finish with just 31%. His floaters and runners also aren’t falling out of the PnR. capable of making reads off the dribble. Sees the floor well, Capable of very quick and precise passes over the defense.  Shown flashes of being shifty with the ball in his hands, could he be a creator in a few years? Really intriguing stop and go motions out of the PnR as a ball handler. Will rely more on his strength that first step to get by guys off the dribble.

Transition – Solid playmaker in transition, but not as nearly as great as in half court sets. Might be more comfortable in a slow pace system. Good scorer. At times settles for transition threes, and most of the time those don’t fall it. As a ball handler finished 83% of his attempts at the rim in transition.

Cuts and Offensive rebounds – Active without the ball, but not super dynamic. Will give you a offensive rebound or a cut per game. Great at finishing both, with 73% finishing cuts and 67% finishing offensive rebounds.

Post Ups – Has the size and body to punish smaller and weaker defenders on the block. Didn’t log many possessions, but excelled as a post up player. Got to the line a fifth of his post up possessions. Scored around a solid 55%. His post passing is a joy to behold. Calm around double teams, finds open shooters with ease and precision.

PnR man –barely used, but shown flashes. Has the size, width and athletic ability to be a good roll man. Also shown flashes of being able to pop and hit a three or create a off the dribble shot.

Defense – Solid rebounding percentage of 12. Promising block percentage of 3%. Smart defender, Knows how to position himself and take advantage of bad passes out of the PnR. Long Arms help him stay between a ball handler and a roll man. Good Anticipation . Very promising secondary rim protector. Good at guarding a wide variety of players, both wings and some playmaking guards. Does have lapses in concentration, especially at the end of the shot clock. Players shot 61% aFG against him with 4 seconds or less on the shot clock. Has the size and solid enough athleticism to defend multiple positions at the next level. quick feet for size, and his body/athleticism still look like they have a level more to ascend. Good hips flexibility, navigates around screens with ease. Active, consistent communicator. Moves his feet constantly trying to find optimal position between his man and the ball handler. Hands active. Like his defensive stance. Really good at mirror his man. Very good footwork and composure when defending POA. Can still struggled to gauging the distance between himself and the shooter. Smart help side defender. Great combination of anticipation and verticality.

Heaven Version of Franz Wagner

His transition decision-making matches his half court decision making. Becomes a 40%+ shooter from three. Get a few tricks out of Luka’s book and figures out how to score at the rim out of PnRs. NBA trainers improve his body even more.

Heaven Version Stats

20-7-5 with 1.5 steals and blocks per game with 40% three point shooting

Hell Version of Franz Wagner

Half court playmaking mirrors transition playmaking. The shooting season turns out to be a fluke. Can’t finish at the rim. Struggles to create off the dribble due to the speed of the NBA. Becomes a 7th man for a good playoff team.

Hell Version Stats

8-4-2 with 32% from three.

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